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4 days in

January 4th, 2013 at 07:22 am

We are now four days into the new year and I would love to say that I had started to work towards my goals. Honestly, I haven't. Payday is a week today so I will make some progress then, hopefully.

I wanted to be really productive this week since I am back to normal working hours next week. However I have been more tired than normal thanks to SG waking up standing in her cot during the night, and fighting her naps. So, I've just been tackling everyday tasks.

We have been living off leftovers the past few days. On Hogmanay hubby was working and I bought a few things that were reduced. One of them was a medium chicken for 2. We had roast chicken one night then I made the leftovers into chicken curry. First time I've made curry and it tasted good. We had the last of the curry last night then we had some leftover tortillas which I fried with some onions, peppers and cheese. I will be making soup either today or tomorrow since MIL gave us a dozen rolls she got for free from her work.

Over the next few weeks I want to declutter. I want to get rid of some old CDs - I won't get much for them - and some old clothes. Any money made will go towards CC1 which has the highest interest rate (30%) My car will also be gone within the next month since I can no longer afford the repairs - well to be honest I haven't been able to afford the repairs for a while now since they have all gone on the credit card.

4 Responses to “4 days in”

  1. Petunia in a Flower Garden Says:

    That is life with little ones - hang in there.

    Even if you haven't been able to get as far on your goals as you'd like this year, just having goals puts you ahead of much of the population. Looks like you did great with your chicken!

  2. Homebody Says:

    Good luck!

  3. scottish girl Says:

    Thanks. I also made chicken stock too, it's in the freezer Smile

  4. Petunia in a Flower Garden Says:

    Woo hoo! Go chicken! Sounds like you got great value out of it!

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