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February 7th, 2014 at 04:42 am

Well today is payday. My work kept to their word and backdated my sick pay. However, since hubby did not get sick pay it doesn't really make us any better off. I have enough to pay all of our rent for this month but I will need to cover hubby's shortfall.

My aim this pay is to keep under budget since my next pay will not be as good. I've been paid for an extra few weeks that I won't have in March's pay.

I have a feeling that the local council will not give us any help on last month's two weeks missed rent because my pay is looking good. If they don't I will just pay extra when I can over the next few months. They already know that we are in the process of applying for help.

As far as food shopping is concerned, I am going to the local butcher's tomorrow for a £26 meat pack and I will get the rest at Aldi's

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