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April 11th, 2006 at 02:58 am

I checked my university's website and my exam timetable has finally been put on it. My exams are on 29th May, 2nd June and 3rd June. I was hoping for a better timetable than that.

I met up with my friend on Sunday and I have decided to stop taking driving lessons during May so I can concentrate on studying and finishing coursework and my dissertation. Not only will I have more time I'll also save some money.

Hopefully today will be a "no spend" day since I don't plan to leave the house until after dinner when I go to my boyfriend's. I am going to work on my essay all day and hopefully I will have a first draft to show to my lecturer.

I was ill last night, so I'm glad I didn't put my name down for any overtime...well not till tomorrow anyway. I decided that I really need the money and I'm skint enough just now so I might as well do overtime while I can.

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