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Archive for April, 2006

Unplanned spending

April 1st, 2006 at 03:03 pm

I really spent money told that I shouldn't have:

8.00 lunch (me and my mum)
10.00 bread,milk,etc...
2.00 dinner at work

I left the house early before I started work, so I went through the shopping centre before I started. There were a lot of sales on - typical when I haven't got enough money. My mum bought me a pair of shorts to wear when I go on holiday and I repaid her by buying stuff that we needed e.g. milk, bread. If I had had money I probably would have gone mad today so it's probably a good thing that I haven't.

Put my name down for an extra shift at work on Wednesday..every little helps. During the Easter holidays I will do some extra hours too.

I fell for it

April 1st, 2006 at 02:47 pm

I came home from work, checked my email and then checked this website. I believed Jeffrey and Nate when they said that they were selling the site to that other company. I check this site all the time. I'm so pleased that they're not.

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