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Some of my goals were accomplished

May 10th, 2006 at 12:12 pm

None of them were financial.

I completed both of the reports that were due in and I handed them in today.

Carried out more data analysis for my project using the method my supervisor told me to. I just need to type more of it up and then email her another copy of it tonight. It's easier to email than phone her, she's never in her office. Plus it also means that I don't have to travel in to meet up with her - unless I desperately need to go in.

Found out that binding for the project will only cost 1. I need to bind 2 copies so 2 isn't bad, I was expecting it to cost more. I need to find out exactly what's involved, I'll ask my supervisor, do I get my own binding or do they provide it and just put it together?

I need to learn how to work the vB code, it will make my lists look better.

Speaking of lists, I have a feeling that my May goals won't work out but I will try my best.

I had a revision lecture today for my final class. It didn't feel like the final class. I need to do a lot of studying, but I need to finish my dissertation first. I'll really need to work on both.

Spending today:


I think I better get back to my dissertation now. It's only 8pm here so I'll work on it for a couple more hours. It'll be an early night I think, so I can get up in the morning and work on it again.

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