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I'm back

September 21st, 2006 at 02:21 pm

I got back from the Dominican Republic early this morning. I'm a bit annoyed with myself - I only came back with $40. I thought I would have came back with more since it was all-inclusive. However I didn't consider days out when I decided how much spending money to take. I'll get it changed and then I will finally open up a savings account for my challenge. Hopefully I will do that soon.

I only spent $22 on gifts for my mum and my auntie. I went to the stalls on the beach with only $10 and basically said that was all I had to spend. The man there was trying to sell me a lot of things that I didn't want e.g. candles. I looked at some ornaments and asked how much - they were $7 each. I told him I needed two gifts so I got 2 for $10. I probably could have gotten a better deal, but I was pleased with it.

I had a great holiday, actually I think I have the travelling bug. I can't wait till I go away again, hopefully it will be next year.

I came home to a rejection letter, only one so it could have been worse. I've decided to get serious about job searching.

So I'm back home...aiming to get serious about job hunting and my challenge money. I didn't think about money when I was away, although really I had a lot of No Spend Days. I'm back to reality now.

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