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I may have just quit another habit

October 12th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

I quit my driving lessons today. I'm not getting the hang of it and it feels like it's a waste of money and time. I told my instructor. He thinks I should get back to him at the weekend and think about it more.

5 Responses to “I may have just quit another habit”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Driving is a valuable skill. Don't be too easily discouraged or dissatisfied with your progress. No one is born with driving skills; we all have to learn.
    If you give up now, you limit your options unnecessarily. Do think about it.

  2. Gruntina Says:

    Hang in there. Keep trying till you succeed... then it wont be a waste of time or money and a hunk of benefits when you do get the hang of driving.
    I am cheering for ya!

  3. sarah Says:

    I had a terrible time learning to drive and didn't until I was 18. 16 is usual in the United States. It was worth the stress though. I do have a question are you trying to learn to drive a sticik shift. I know that they are the norm in Europe but you might find an automatic easier to learn on.

  4. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Sarah, driving takes time and practice. Never lose sight of your goals and believe in yourself. You can and will succeed! You really should give it more thought but don't ever count yourself short!

  5. scottish girl Says:

    I am learning to drice a stick shift. I've been taking lessons for about 2 years though. My friend thinks I should get a different instructor.

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