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This and that

January 6th, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Things aren't looking too good here. Hubby is in his (unauthorised) overdraft so I'm going to replace the money tomorrow. He'll still get charged but I'm hoping it won't be as bad as if I hadn't put the money in. Also, I still need to get my tyre fixed, so I'm looking into my options, preferably the cheapest. Although, and I hate to say it, I may have to use my credit card if I haven't got the money in the bank to cover it. I do not want to use it. My MOT is due next month too, so I'm hoping I will have the cash to cover it.

I'm working extra tomorrow. I was surprised when my manager asked me, it's rare to get overtime in January. I'm not complaining though, I need all the money I can get, I have goals to accomplish.

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