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Meal planning

October 18th, 2012 at 06:24 am

I'm going to start planning our meals. Tomorrow is payday. When I go shopping I want to make sure that I only get things that I need.

Tonight we are having beef pasties (free from MIL) and baked beans for dinner.

Tomorrow DH is working late so I will have whatever I can throw together. I made leek and potato soup so I could have that

Saturday we will have chicken curry, pilau rice, garlic naan and vegetable pakora. The curry and pakora are in the freezer. I bought them from the reduced section. Naan breaed was on offer at 50p.

Sunday: another late night for hubby. Possibly pie and chips for me.

Next week I would like to make:

- macaroni (need plain flour)
- chicken curry (need veg and chicken)
- hotdogs (need rolls)
- minestrone soup
- bacon cheeseburgers (told DH about LR having these so he's in the mood for them)

I need to have a look through my recipes to come up with some other ideas.

1 Responses to “Meal planning”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Good to see you meal planning. It really does save money.

  2. Jabe Says:

    Indian food sounds good! I might be mistaken, but I have the impression that you are British from some previous posts- if so, you might like this website for frugal recipe ideas- http://thefrugalcook.blogspot.com/
    She cooks with a lot of fresh veggies, and I do find that the recipes that appeal to people vary culturally (at least for me- maybe US recipe sites appeal equally to you, but when this lady starts talking about certain British traditional dishes, I am lost).

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