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Meal planning and other stuff

November 11th, 2012 at 08:09 am

I seem to only update with meal plans. Boring but it makes me feel organised. Here's this week's:

- roast chicken with potatoes and veg
- steak fajitas
- something with leftover chicken
- macaroni (i always end up making something else so I want to make it soon)

Our flat is very slowly coming together. It seems to be at a snail's pace though. I'm going to have to order a carpet for our livingroom soon. SG can crawl backwards, and a little forwards. Right now we have tiled floors, so she hasn't been able to crawl on the floors. I read the children should spend as much time as possible on floors etc. I don't want to hinder her development, and it's not safe right now for her. That reminds me, we also need a stair gate too.

We've decided not to spend a lot on SG for Christmas (my mum took this to mean that we weren't getting her anything!) We don't have a Christmas tree or decorations so we have to buy those first. For SG we are just going to get her a few things that she needs, a few books too. My mum has spent far too much on her already, and she said she still wants to get her more. I told her not to bother but she's determined. I told her that lately SG is happy with the remote! (with the batteries taken out, of course)

4 Responses to “Meal planning and other stuff”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    I update mostly with food stuff, too, so don't feel bad. It helps me to feel like I am accounting for part of how I am spending money and other resources.

    Baked chicken with potatoes and veggies sounds delightful.

    Leftover chicken makes great chicken soup, chicken salad sandwiches, or as a meat for a green salad.

  2. Momma and the boys living on budget Says:

    Sounds good! I love menu planning as well keeps my budget down

  3. Jerry Says:

    Hey, it is your blog, so whatever leads you to the activities that you need so you have the insurance to stay on track, that is for you to decide! I know what you mean about things coming together slowly in a new place, we are doing the same thing in a new flat (new city, new country!). It can take forever. Good luck with getting it all settled!

  4. Jane Says:

    I actually like to see other people's menu plans- helps inspire me to mix up my usual go-to recipes!

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