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Quick Update

November 23rd, 2012 at 07:56 am

What a week it has been! I meant to do my usual meal planning update at the start of the week but I just didn't have time.

I've got my receipts in front of me so I want to keep track of that first. It was mostly little shopping trips, they all add up though:

19/11: SCOTMID 8.06 (reduced fresh meat)
20/11: ASDA 82.28, only 12.14 out of pocket due to savings cards (xmas shopping)
21/11: MORRISONS 7.88
22/11: ASDA 13.69

I have a lot of food in the house. The only things I should need to buy soon are formula and nappies. Plus bread and milk too when we run out.

This week we got all of our belongings from my mum and MIL. It's amazing how much we have, I feel like we have moved in again. We're actually getting to use wedding presents that we hadn't opened yet, so it feels like Christmas has come early in a way.

Meal planning has went out of the window this week. I cooked the chicken a couple of days ago so we had that last night with some microwave rice last night for a quick meal. There's some left so I'm going to make chicken stock for the first time. Hubby wants a chicken sandwich tonight so I will make that.

I spent my 5 free gift card yesterday. I got a cook book, 200 slow cooker recipes.

On the way home from dropping hubby off today I heard on the radio that some stores in the UK are starting to have Black Friday sales. Anything to get more sales I suppose.

I need to start thinking about my 2013 goals since I was unrealistic about this year's, especially with having a newborn and being on maternity leave. I will try and make them realistic and manageable this time.

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