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Financial housekeeping

July 11th, 2013 at 02:37 am

I've overspent on groceries by 5.46 so far. Two weeks to go and we will need more milk at some point, and bread too. I think I will budget more next month for groceries and less in another category.

I counted up my snowflakes: 5.93. I've got some direct debits coming out soon though so I'll make the payment once they're paid.

I budgeted 40 for nappies and baby snacks for SG. Spent 27.35 so far and this includes a pair of sandals and a top for 3.

1 Responses to “Financial housekeeping”

  1. IndianGal Says:

    It's really easy to overspend. I am trying to snowflake too, but it can be really hard to come by snowflakes. I guess patience is essential to saving and getting out of debt. Good luck to you!

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