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Meal Planning and other stuff

February 16th, 2014 at 04:00 am

Hubby went shopping with MIL yesterday. We only needed a few things and he spent £15.xx. We've now got £7.08 left to last us until 7th March. He did get what I asked for, he just got lots of it, plus a few extra things too.

I've got pork cooking in the slow cooker just now with cider, apples and onions. I found the recipe on my local butcher's FB page. We'll have that with mashed potatoes and veg tonight.

The rest of the week we will have:

- spicy root and lentil casserole
- mozzarella pasta bake
- minute steak fajitas
-minute steak pasta

I got a pound of minute steak pasta from the butcher's in my meat pack and I put it all in the freezer without dividing it up so I'll need to cook it all up this week. I could probably freeze the leftovers though.

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