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Starting to get organised

April 24th, 2014 at 01:16 am

For baby number two, that is. I spent £45 online because there was a baby event. This wasn't budgeted for. Now that it's here though I'm pleased I've started.

Hubby got SG's old clothes out from the back of our biggest cupboard. I picked out all of the neutral bodysuits and sleepsuits, and some of the girly ones too just in case. My cousin gave us boys clothes so I will sort that out too. It seems like I only need to buy some more hats, scratch mitts and socks for this baby. I do feel like I should have a few new outfits on hand though since SG got everything new - it's only fair, isn't it? Or is this just what happens with a second child?

Hubby wants to use the pram that we had for SG but I hate it because it's so heavy and awkward. Also it doesn't fold down. I was looking at prams in the catalogue, they're so expensive. Whatever happens it will be a pain because we're in a first floor flat.

My mum came over yesterday. I had to borrow some money from her for bus fares and food shopping, which I hate doing. If I hadn't bought that stuff I wouldn't have needed to borrow money. Whilst here, my mum was asking what baby stuff we need so I gave her a list of basic baby essentials to pick from e.g. nappies (can never have too many) and hats and mitts.

7 Responses to “Starting to get organised”

  1. mamasita Says:

    I would wait and see about new outfits for new baby, those are little things that can be picked up easily if you don't receive any from your family or friends. Might as well save that money for now.

    Do you have any sort of second-hand baby store close by for the pram? If you can't get a new one cheap enough I agree with hubby to just use the same one you used for SG. Nice prams are really expensive!

    Enjoy the "nesting" period before new little baby arrives!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I agree. The baby doesn't care whether his/her clothes are new.

    My recommendation for a second child is to make sure you take as many pictures as you did of the first! That's something he/she will care about in the future.

  3. just a thought Says:

    I agree that the baby won't know if his/her clothes are old or new! If you feel really strongly about it, get one new outfit that baby can wear home from the hospital. Then each will have a special "first outfit," but the expense is minimal.

  4. Mooshocker Says:


  5. snafu Says:

    I hope it's ok to encourage you to make a long term spending plan. I was left with the impression that you spent 45 pounds on the baby event more for satisfaction of spending than actual Need. Would you consider sending some things back for refund? Can you sell your pram and buy a used unit that folds and meets your criteria as an experienced mom?

    Good on you for giving your mom a list of super practical baby items. I hope you'll ask family and friends for super practical stuff as well...or return the cute items for those you actually need and use. Buying used baby gear and garments is the smart thing to do because babies grow so fast. I wouldn't worry about 'neutral' body suits/sleepsuits as your infant will be adorable no matter the colour of their clothes. If it truly bothers you, shortly after new baby arrives, create a couple of girly layettes and sell on your equivalent CraigsList as your 1st project.

    I suggest you open a calendar or print one from internet highlighting every pay between now and 6 weeks after due date. Add income anticipated on the correct dates. On the back write out expenses you know like rent, food, utilities that we all identify as NEEDS. Write another column of the items you would like as WANTS. If you prefer but it on your computer's spread sheet.

    I'm trying to explain that you need to avoid stress during this important pre natal time and knowing there will be money for what you need, when you need it will keep your blood pressure down way more than wondering what gifts to buy new baby.

  6. scottish girl Says:

    Thanks everyone. I do agree that baby doesn't know what it's wearing etc I just feel bad because SG got almost everything new. Spoke to hubby and we will get a new going home outfit.
    We have a nearly new baby and kids store nearby. I forgot to mention my bargain buy from there: a pair of booties and a hat for 80p. They had lots of hats, so I will be going back.
    It did sound as though I bought stuff from the baby event just for the sake of it, but none of it was impractical. It included nappies for SG too and the baby. Also some new bottles and teats and a nappy disposal system. I bought refills for it too. We never had this with SG but we decided with two in nappies it would be best to get it.
    @snafu: I like the calendar idea. I remember the first few weeks with SG being a blur so I imagine that this will be the same.

  7. snafu Says:

    Hi, will your mom be there to help? I still remember the combination of toddler and newborn infant for sleep deprived parents who must continue to keep the house operating, meals of some sort, bills due, laundry turning into 'Mount Washmore' and visitors underfoot.

    When do you start maternity leave? If you knit or crochet you might find making a throw/wrap a relaxing craft these next 6 weeks. Perhaps finish any crafting project that you've had underway would be soothing.

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