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December 4th, 2014 at 10:14 am

I love NSD's. I wrapped a Christmas present this morning, and did some decluttering when DH came home. I found a packet of Christmas cards that I'd bought on sale last year.

Still haven't baked with SG yet, and it's three weeks till Christmas. I might just aim to bake one easy thing like banana bread. We've already made Christmas cards together, I was just debating about adding on the extras e.g. glitter.

3 Responses to “NSD”

  1. snafu Says:

    Did you and mom bake together? It's such fun. No matter what you make it's the experience and childhood memories for SG. There is still lots of time to Christmas and even all next year! She can 'help' make her own BD cake and J's too.

    One idea...mix up a batch of cookie dough in the evening after DKs are in bed for the night, wrap in plastic wrap for fridge. Roll/pull into balls as appropriate and let SG cut out/smoosh as appropriate, decorate etc. while baby J stays in his carrier/jump seat etc and watches all the goings on. The whole time keep telling her she will have to help with clean-up and have her do some age appropriate task.

    2nd idea...you can make cookies from cake mixes, if not on the packet, check internet. less mss and fuss for mom but measuring, mixing, baking experiences for SG

  2. scottish girl Says:

    They're all great ideas. I'll need to search for a basic cookie dough recipe, I never bake them. No my mum is really bad at baking but I remember her trying.

  3. snafu Says:


    The trick to making cookies is to start with ingredients at room temperature, butter/margarine must be soft. If it's cold or hard no amount of beating will work. The sugar likewise needs to be beaten into the butter/marg to a smooth consistency, not be able to feel any granules of sugar when you rub a tiny speck between your fingers. Cookies needn't all be round, they can be square, rectangles, rolled into a log, braided... Finally, set the timer for every batch, nothing is so disheartening than over done, too dark, or burnt cookies

    The whole joy is the add ons, icing, glaze, sprinkles, dragees, Smarties, sliced gum drops, slivers of candy cane or nuts...whatever you have at hand or would like. Sandwich with hazelnut spread or jam filling etc.
    I hope you remember to take pictures for your family album

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