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Upcoming Expenses

February 13th, 2015 at 01:41 am

Months ago, snafu suggested tracking upcoming expenses and what was needed, what was the plan etc. I've got an idea in my head but I haven't written anything down. This is roughly some of our upcoming expenses:

March: Mother's Day, SG's third birthday
Plan: minimal spending on Mother's Day, buy flowers/chocolates and a card unless I think of a better idea. Actually I have a photo frame from xmas that I haven't printed a picture for yet so I may just use that.

SG's birthday: buy dolls house. Make cake, with her help. Buy card and wrapping paper - check stash first to see if I have anything appropriate. Less than 50GBP hopefully.

April: my mum's birthday, back to work, cousin's boy's birthday
Plan: find out what she wants, possibly take her out for lunch or make a cake for her and invite her over here for lunch. Hmm.

Work: plan packed lunches, buy tea bags to store in locker.

Cousin's son: outfit, 10 max.

May: pay deposit for upcoming cake smash and family photo shoot in 40

June: J's first birthday, cake smash and photo shoot.
Plan/spending: 80 for rest of photo shoot/cake smash, less than 10 for cake ingredients. Make snacks if we have any guests over.

I think that's all for the first half of the year.

4 Responses to “Upcoming Expenses”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Good work with the planning Smile

  2. snafu Says:

    Good on you! Life throws enough unexpected challenges that I've truly found it helpful to note those expenses and events I can plan for. As a list person, I used a calendar on a magnet on the fridge, next used my small day-timer/planner adding to the To Do List every night before bedtime routine and again with AM juice and coffee.

    For the past 15 months I've been using my cell phone calendar for planned events, expected expenses and anticipated issues/problems. The planner is most satisfying because I keep adding to the list on one page and pick 3 'must do' or deadline tasks daily. I pick 2 items from the list I'd like to strike-off, easy peasy things like fix a hem, take something out of freezer for tomorrow's dinner, proof read a presentation etc.

    If it helps at all, I'm delighted to offer ideas. you're doing so well on so many fronts, I hope you'll give yourself a giant pat-on-the-back

  3. scottish girl Says:


  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It looks like you're doing well with planning ahead!

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