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Predictable Payday Post

May 29th, 2015 at 12:32 am

This post may be predictable, but I didn't predict that my debit card would be declined when I tried to make online payments. Thankfully, dh had left his card at home so I transferred money to him then used his card. Phew.

I paid 200 to Littlewoods, minimum was 156.
I paid minimum to BOS and Tesco. While doing that, I was pleased to see that my balance transfer has gone through. It then occurred to me that maybe I could have skipped BOS's minimum payment since the 1000 balance transfer was technically a payment? Well, I'd already paid it when I thought of this.
I also paid 15 to the cot/mattress BNPL.

I'm in the middle of ordering groceries online from Tesco to be delivered on Monday. After work tomorrow I'll be getting meat from the butcher's and milk. I am going to make up a meal plan.

I also need to keep track of my spending to see where my money's going. I have a suspicion that I'm wasting a lot on impulse purchases after work.

J will be one in a few weeks, which means I don't need to buy as much formula from this pay.

Dh wants us to go bowling with the kids soon because we got a coupon for it. He thinks SG would love it.

I forgot to mention that last week someone at work unexpectedly died. I didn't work with him but dh knew him. He was out jogging when a cyclist hit him. He was ok at the time and he even spoke to the cyclist. Later he went to our local hospital then to one in Glasgow where he died from serious head injuries. They're still looking for the cyclist since they never exchanged details.

4 Responses to “Predictable Payday Post”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Oh so sad about your husband's coworker. One really can't always tell the results immediately after a head injury. Bowling with a coupon sounds fun!

    Nice work making your payments. Are you going to inquire why your debit card was declined? I like that you did make a payment to BoS regardless of the transfer payment. It's to your advantage in the end.

    Have you talked to your DH about your debt and plans? Does he have plans to work on his?

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It's so easy to spend $ on the way home from work- every time I forget to buy something and have to go to the supermarket after work I can't walk out without also getting a chocolate bar or an item on special! I sympathise totally

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Cyclist = bicycle or motorcycle? That is too bad - head injuries are something you just shouldn't mess around with ...

  4. scottish girl Says:


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