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Nine days

September 7th, 2016 at 05:41 am

It's nine days yet until payday. My plan to buy value products hadn't worked. Shopping hungry after work means I might have to dip into savings.

Sigh. I hate doing that.

And my new budgeting app doesn't like that I get paid every four weeks (there's only monthly or weekly options).

Ok I'll get through it. There's no point complaining about it. I'll just deal with it and move on.

There will be a happier post from me in the future, I'm sure.

2 Responses to “Nine days ”

  1. laura Says:

    Our financial tank is running on fumes right now as well ...

    End is in sight (since I broke down the plan down to weeks), but it happens to be around the bend which isn't exactly visible right now ...

    I will conclude with my own sigh, in response to my present situation.


    You are not alone ...

  2. jp Says:

    not sure which app you're using (and this may be completely obvious?) but using the weekly pay, can you put $0 paid for 3 weeks, and then your actual pay on the 4th week?

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