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I haven't stopped blogging

November 27th, 2006 at 09:23 pm

I've been really busy with work lately, I haven't really made the effort to keep this blog up to date.

My interview went well. I've to phone when my disclosure comes through. This job is only temporary so I really need to keep my current one.

At my current job I have been doing a lot of overtime. I'm bored of the job but I'm just thinking about the money.

I've started Christmas shopping. I will be doing more tomorrow at work because staff get an extra 10% off. I'm going to buy some gifts for my cousins and my boyfriend if I see anything that he will like.


November 9th, 2006 at 09:42 pm

I've got a new driving instructor. I had my first lesson this week and I booked my test today, it's not until January though. Driving lessons are more expensive this time, I'm taking two lessons a week rather than one. One of my friends has booked her test already and she's only just started taking lessons, some people have all the luck.

Started Christmas shopping.

My job interview is on Tuesday. If it doesn't go well I've made sure that I'm doing a lot of extra shifts at my current job over Christmas. If I do get it then I will keep my current job for a while longer.