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November 23rd, 2011 at 10:48 pm

It's been ages since I updated. I've either been too tired or lazy to update.

My Christmas shopping is basically done. And I have paid cash for all of it. Next year our plan is to save up high street vouchers again, and start a savings card at ASDA. Next Christmas the baby will be here, but we won't be going crazy since he/she won't be old enough to appreciate or understand it. I think it will just be little gifts.

Speaking of the baby, I had my second scan at the start of the month. Everything's ok - blood pressure, measurements - but they want me to go for two more growth scans to check on baby. I think it's because I was underweight when we found out.

I'm beginning to notice that everyone seems to have an opinion when you're pregnant. I'm sick of being told that my bump's tiny, I'm looking pale, I'm having a girl cos of how I'm carrying (but we won't know till later when I'm bigger, apparently) The list goes on. Of course it doesn't help that there is a girl at work who is due the week after me and she is showing more than me - she was bigger to begin with though...

Back to finances: we're going to buy our pram from one of our friend's. It will mean taking some money out of savings though, and using the baby fund.