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December goals and 2011 goals

November 30th, 2010 at 08:14 pm

December goals:
- get and complete budget card application form
- hand in completed application form
- finish cash-only Christmas shopping

I need to write down exactly what I have to buy. If I ever get my vouchers that is. I forgot about my two small (second) cousins so will have to get them a little something too. They're both under 2 and I never see their mum but I am getting their cousin a gift so I have to get them something too.

Ok, here's a rough draft of my 2011 goals:
[] Save for road tax with budget card
[] Apply for a loan
[] (if accepted) use loan to pay off DH's CC debt
[] Increase regular savings
[] Save for a cash-only Christmas
[] Clear credit card 1
[] Clear credit card 2
[] Clear catalogue
[] Start car maintenance fund

Wow that's more than I thought. I don't know how next year will go so they may change.

that's one way to save petrol

November 29th, 2010 at 09:20 pm

It started to snow on Friday night. I last used my car on Friday afternoon. My car has been sitting in the car park for three days. I looked at it today, completely covered in snow. I know I wanted to save on petrol but I didn't ask for all this snow. It was snowing again today, in fact I think we've got it all week.

I was going to do overtime this week but I'm rethinking it. I haven't agreed to any. Plus it is taking me longer to get to work on the days that I'm meant to be there. I was late to work yesterday and today. When I got to work this morning there was only me and another woman. Tomorrow I'm walking to work with hubby since the buses and taxis aren't on. It'll mean walking back home though.

I've completely failed my lunch challenge this month. A hot breakfast is so much more appealing in this weather.

I've also not done well with NaNoWriMo. I'll try again next year.

I've been thinking a lot about next year, goals etc. We're talking about taking out a loan to clear hubby's credit card debt. We could pay her back then focus on saving since hubby would be able to help me. Then we could build up our savings then move out. Of course this all depends on if I would actually get approved for a loan (my credit rating is better than DH's) I really don't want more debt but I'm trying to think about the bigger picture.

Where does my money go?

November 24th, 2010 at 07:18 pm

This is what I end up asking myself a few days Ouafter payday. I mean I've been working extra, I should have money left over. I wish. I only got paid on Friday and I have 198.16 left. I'm going to have to claim the money back from my contact lenses so I don't end up overdrawn this month. I'm gutted, I wanted to put it into savings. Practically all of my money goes towards debt. Anyway, here it is:

average pay: 788 (every 4 weeks)


"rent" 160
car payment 101.79
car insurance 94.83
catalogue 80
dental plan 12
phone 30 (average)
petrol 40
cc1 40
cc2 40
Love Film 18.99
savings 5

Total: 622.61

Note: all payments listed for catalogue and credit cards are above the minimum.

Next month my road tax is due - and I haven't got any money put aside for that. I could just kick myself. Anyway that will take me to 707.86 (Next year I'm saving for road tax!)

Ok, if you managed to read all of this, thank you. Vent over.

I would love to take all my leftover money and put it into savings/clear debt.

Christmas 2010 update, musings

November 21st, 2010 at 08:22 pm

I've overspent on hubby's xmas presents. We agreed on a 50 budget. I've spent 70.47. It doesn't include a dvd he asked for though but that was only 8.

Still waiting on xmas vouchers. Gave MIL the rest of hubby's money tonight. Next year I will save half with a woman I work with and half with MIL. I haven't got much more xmas shopping to get so i don't even know if I will spend them all.

Got 20 GC from work. Had to add 3.85 to it. Bought cousin's birthday present, hubby's socks and BIL's dvd.

Working extra this week.

Found out about a budget card that the Post Office does. Going to get an application form and use the card to save for road tax next year (150)

I wish we had our own place. It's getting to me living here. That's obviously one of my goals for next year, although sometimes I feel as though it will never happen.

Christmas 2010 update, musings

November 21st, 2010 at 08:08 pm

Got 20 GC from work today. Spent it on cousin's birthday present (11.25), hubby's socks (4.50)and BIL's dvd (8.10) Total: 23.85 so had to put 3.85 to it.

Still waiting on xmas vouchers. Next year I think I'll save half with MIL and half with a woman at work. Me and hubby were talking about it today. I'm not sure if I'll even manage to spend them all when I finally get them cos I seem to be doing ok so far xmas shopping, I haven't got that much to get. I don't think so anyway.

I have overspent on hubby's xmas presents. We agreed a maximum of 50 and I've spent 70.47 (i'll need to double check this) 50 budget didn't include a dvd that he picked but I'm still well over.

That reminds me, I need to work out the rest of my outgoings for the next four weeks...

I'm working six extra hours this week. Hubby was surprised that I'm working extra. My money seems to disappear - mostly towards debt (car payments, credit cards, catalogue) so I need to get extra to try and clear it. And save too. I wish I was putting more to savings than debt, rather than the other way. In fact it'd be nice not to have any debt.

I found out that the Post Office now has a budget card. Once you have the card you can add money to it to save towards a specific bill. I think I will get one and use it to save towards my road tax next year.

I'm going to have to think of goals for next year. I'd love for us to move out, it feels like it'll never happen.

It's gone!

November 20th, 2010 at 10:08 am

I paid the last of my washing machine debt yesterday. I'm so pleased it's gone.

Still waiting on xmas high street vouchers.

My xmas night out is paid for. Just need to put money aside for the actual night. 30-40 Going to wear the dress I wore to the wedding i went to last month, just change my accessories.

Ordered a few xmas presents from Avon. It wasn't part of my budget but I just thought I would get them. 25.50


November 16th, 2010 at 06:56 am

I have 2.63 left in my bank account till payday (Friday) I could be wrong but I think this is the least amount I've had left in a while.

I still haven't received my xmas savings vouchers yet. MIL said she is waiting on hubby giving her the rest of his. Everyone at work that is doing them has them and has spent them already. I just want to get my xmas shopping done!

We've started watching the Harry Potter movies from the beginning.

I've finally thought of a plot for NaNoWriMo - with hubby's help.

I'll be picking up an extra shift this week at work.

That's about it, I think. Hope everyone else is having a good day. I need to get ready for work now.

No overtime for me this week

November 10th, 2010 at 07:15 pm

My manager has been trying - poorly, I might add - to get me to work extra this week. She included me in her To-Do List ("SG o/t?), pointed out that I can write whatever shifts I want this week, I just have to add it to the rota. Finally today she said that she hadn't got me down for extra this week. That's because I'm not doing it. I explained to her that I wanted a break this week, and pointed out that I have been working six days for the past few weeks. I told her I would pick up extra next week - but not when I'm going to see Harry Potter.

I know I shouldn't complain. But this week I just want to have a break.

HB invited me to his house for his birthday. Through FB. Two days before his birthday. I'm not going.

Still not wrote anything for NaNoWriMo however that should change this week now that I have some time.

general update

November 7th, 2010 at 06:39 pm

It was the engagement party last night. Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to it cause I knew my dad* and half-brother would be there. I was right, they were both there. Half-brother did talk to us my dad didn't, which I am so pleased about. Before we got married last year my dad was at a party I was it and he tried to talk to me (although I found out later that it was cos my HB had told him to. I told him I wasn't interested. It was nice to know that he had actually gotten the message as he didn't try once, he did end up dancing near me a lot though. I found out later from his friend that he had said "my daughter's here tonight"

I ended up drinking more than I had planned, therefore spending more. It was a good night though.

I haven't even started to write anything for NaNoWriMo yet.

Bank balance is dwindling down. Think I'll have under 5 left by the time payday is here.

I bought breakfast at work this morning. One week in to November and I've failed a goal already.

* He fell out with me in 2006 after only talking to me for about six months. I blogged about it then.

Inspired to join NaNoWriMo

November 5th, 2010 at 08:59 am

After reading on here about fellow bloggers writing a novel for NaNoWriMo, I googled it this morning (about half an hour ago actually) I didn't realise that anyone in the world could join, I thought it was only for Americans. Anyway I registered this morning. Right now I'm browsing the site.

I used to love writing stories in High School. However, that was the last time I wrote anything!

2 for 1 dining

November 4th, 2010 at 05:11 pm

I came home from work today to find a letter from my credit card company (CC1). I opened it and found a card for 2 for 1 dining. I've just checked online and I can use it at a few restaurants nearby. I haven't got the money right now, but it's nice that they sent me it anyway. They said it was to thank me for being a loyal customer.

We checked hubby's bank balance today. He still has money left in his account for a game that's due out this week, thankfully, otherwise I would have had to transfer money to his account - and guess where that money would have had to come from? Savings. I'm so glad I don't have to. Hubby's not bothered that his mum borrowed money but I am. He said that he might say to her instead of giving him the money back she can use it for her birthday meal. I wish he wouldn't but he will.

spend, spend, spend

November 2nd, 2010 at 06:37 pm

My work has been told to spend their wages. Apparently the store is majorly underspent. My manager said today that she was very flexible, if anyone wants to come in earlier/stay later. I'm only off one day this week so I didn't volunteer to do any more since I am already doing overtime. To be honest, this is the worst I've seen it, although I am quite pleased in a way cause it means I can get all the overtime I want.

In other news I have a feeling that this meal for MIL's birthday may not happen. She hasn't said anything to me or hubby but she did borrow money from hubby (she's going to give it back to him when she gets paid) I'm hoping for a night in, to be honest. Also she didn't tell him how much she borrowed. We're going to get a statement this week and check.

Auto savings

November 1st, 2010 at 06:29 pm

My first auto savings of 5 hit today, taking my new balance to 176. I should have done this at the start of the year, not the end. It feels good though, knowing that my savings have increased a little.

I have 47.90 left in the bank. 18.99 is for Love Film. I need to take money out for the engagement party on Saturday (20 max) That leaves me with 8.91. Ouch. I already have 20 put aside (was meant to be used for taxis for the party last week but wee got a lift)so hopefully I won't need much more, say 10. My orginal budget for the party was 30 anyway. The extra would just be for taxis, although it would be good if we got a lift there.

I forgot about an extra expensee I will have when I get paid: my friend's leaving night. A girl I used to work in the same dept as is going to Thailand in a few weeks then she's going to Australia. She won't be back till 2012. The leaving night is at a pub so it won't be too much, and it's on a weekday so it won't be a late night.