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Musings, plus Hurricane Irene - everyone okay?

August 28th, 2011 at 07:16 pm

I think it's going to take a bit of getting used to living at my mum's, hubby and my mum were almost arguing last night. I need them to keep the peace.

I've not managed to half a proper conversation with hubby about finances. From the way he was talking today he doesn't think he'll make it to October living here. He thinks we will have declared ourselves homeless by then. I'm trying to think positive, I told him we need to save more and get rid of debt before we do anything. Plus, I spent almost two years at his mum's, he can manage some time here. He's just going to have to.

As for the baby fund, hubby thinks we should start that from next pay. I say the sooner, the better. I might actually just save up what I have just now to get us started. I think he's worried we don't have enough money.

I told my manager the news this morning, and that I didn't want anyone else to know. Personally I think she asked if I was having morning sickness yet pretty loudly but never mind, nobody said anything. I ended up telling a few people, but told them to keep it quiet.

I seen on the news at work about Hurricane Irene. Who all lives in the East Coast? Hope you guys are okay.

I haven't had the chance to think of goals for next month, but I will soon.


August 27th, 2011 at 02:02 pm

I really wanted to update my blog yesterday but I never had the chance. I woke up before 8 yesterday so I could phone the doctors to get an appointment. I phoned at 8 and the earliest time she could give me was 5pm. We took 5pm since it was our only option.

The rest of the day, before leaving for the doctors, was spent packing and moving stuff to my mum's. It's mostly my stuff we've moved. In the time spent at in-laws I've gathered a lot of crap, so I'm going to have a massive clearout and give a lot to charity.

We spent over half an hour waiting to be called at the doctors. When I finally seen her I was exhausted so I didn't ask any questions, just told her what I knew so far. She said I should receive a letter from the midwife soon. Apparently it's the midwife that deals with it all. She said she got in touch with them electronically to let them know so I should get a letter soon. I'm going to hang off changing my address details at the doctors just now until I get the letter.

We had a close call this week. When we told people at the start of the week, we told them not to tell anyone. Apparently MIL misunderstood/didn't listen and told one of her friends. On Thursday I decided to sign on to Facebook when I noticed a huge comment that had been sent about an hour before: "CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you" One of MIL's friends had decided to publicly leave a comment on my page, and had changed her status to talk about how great a gran MIL will be. I deleted the comment as soon as I noticed it, and hubby got on the phone to MIL. She's now not talking to her friend, and she apologised for telling her in the first place.

I've text some of my close family members today to let them know, with strict instructions to NOT post on my Facebook page. We're telling our friends in a few weeks, and I'll let work know soon.

Some financial news now:

I paid my "digs" to MIL. Hubby spoke to her and they came to an agreement that half of my money would go towards hubby's debt.

Hubby gave me 50 towards CC2, plus I paid 50,so 100 payment. Nice.

I've finally reached my moving out fund goal, but I'm still going to add to it.

I spoke to my mum and right now she thinks 50 each from me and hubby will be enough. However, I'm not too sure if that will change. We will start giving her that next month.

How quickly things change (long)

August 24th, 2011 at 07:02 pm

As I sit here writing this entry, I'm surrounded by boxes. Yep, we're moving to my mum's this week. We're hoping to be there by Friday. I've managed to pack up most of my books and dvds so I'm hoping the rest won't take too long.

So, in my last few entries I've mentioned - a lot - that hubby definetly did not want to go. I couldn't persuade him, he was staying put till we found our own place. Well, what happened? Three pregnancy tests happened. I took one on Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday. And they all came back positive. In fact, according to the tests, I'm 3+ weeks which is about 5 weeks according to the leaflet that comes with it. You guys are the first people I've "told" apart from my mum and in-laws obviously.

Hubby told MIL we're moving out and that I'm pregnant. The first time she worried about was money - she's behind in her bills etc. Apparently - and this is the first time we've heard it - when we give her "digs" its for gas/electricity/food we've already used. Therefore, she said to hubby about wanted the money since we've used the stuff already. I don't want to leave on bad terms so I feel like I have to give her my usual money too. Hubby disagreed but I don't want her bitching about me, saying how I left things etc.

I told people at work we've moving. They were really pleased. A few people said "you should get champagne". Nobody at work knows I'm pregnant, I'm reluctant to tell them. We're going to the doctors on Friday so I'll know more then.

Oh, a few hours after we found out, me and hubby were talking and it's agreed: we need to start a baby fund now.

A new decision

August 18th, 2011 at 07:49 pm

Hubby and I spoke again today about our situation. We've reached a new decision: if we're not out by Christmas we're going to my mum's. Hubby wants us to try to save to buy our own place. The only way to do that is to get on the LIFT(Lothian Initiative for First-Time buyers) scheme, and that fell through the last time. Also, it's really popular now, and it would take us ages to save up the money needed.

There's no way we can afford to buy, but at least we've made a decision. I guess if we don't get accepted for the scheme the money can be used for renting a place.

Extra hours, keeping busy

August 18th, 2011 at 09:05 am

It seems like all I do is try to find extra hours at work. Yesterday I worked a twelve hour shift, it was only a few hours extra but I was exhausted. I've got a shift at the weekend too- basically any excuse to get out of the house. I might as well get some money for it. That being said, I earn just above the minimum wage.

Sometime soon I'm going to do some baking with my mum. She has the ingredients, I just need to find the time to go over when I'm not rushing about.

Speaking of my mum, the other day hubby questioned if we were moving to my mum's. Seriously? I said we were only going if we both agreed to it, which we clearly don't. Part of me is tempted to say I'll go myself, I'll save us some money. But I don't know if I could do that. After that, he said he wants us to move out by October. I think it'll be tough enough to aim for Christmas, never mind October. There's no way that will happen, we're halfway through August. As much as I'm going crazy here - people have started to comment on how tired and stressed I look at work - it just isn't realistic.

I told hubby he's been letting the team down: I'm the one who does extra hours at work and I'm the one who saves. I'm hoping as of next payday he'll step up. He's agreed he'll help so come payday I'll transfer the agreed amount from his current account to mine, and then to savings.

My car's making a rumbling noise. Not good. I think it's coming from the front of the car, not sure where though. I really don't want to spend any more of this car. When it's paid off in April I'll need to look into getting a new one.


August 14th, 2011 at 06:18 am

We spoke yesterday about moving to my mum's. Well, no surprise here, DH doesn't want to. Pointing out that it was his idea in the first place didn't help either. I'm not happy about it, but we've agreed we're staying here. I told hubby I'd like to be out of here by xmas and into our own place. I don't know how feasible that is but I need a goal.

Staying here is costing us money we shouldn't be spending. We both wanted out of the house on Friday so we went out for a few drinks. The money we used was meant for booking train tickets to England.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not as close to my CC2 goal as it appears. Last week DH found an online comic subscription. It was an American website so I wasn't sure of the cost until I checked my statement online (which I'd just set up that day, makes life easier) I think it was $59 USD which was about 38. I think we'll be adding the train tickets to CC2 aswell... once DH has spoken to his grandad. I'm not booking them until we know he's free.

We've agreed that hubby will contribute towards savings, and pay for half of our Love Film subscription. That will start from next payday. Hubby pointed out that he wants to get rid of his debt to his mum too - which is at 450 now - so he won't still be paying her when we move out, whenever that is... Well we need him to add to savings. So, he'll do both: pay his mum and save something.

Shopping, car fund, EF

August 10th, 2011 at 06:29 pm

After work I went shopping for a birthday present for my friend's little boy. I budgeted 15, spent 7.44, I just need to post it now.

I added 7.60 to my emergency fund and 10 to my car fund.

I'm going to phone my credit card company tomorrow and cancel the repayment cover. They charge me almost 20 each month. I never would have took it out normally, just when the woman in the bank was telling me about it, I thought I should get it. Well, I can do without it now.

The minimum payment for my catalogue has decreased by 20 but my CC1 min payment has increased. That's because of last month's shopping for hubby's gran's funeral. I was expecting an increase.

My goal is just to get though this month. It's not been the best month so far. If I have money in the bank before payday that will be good.

Best laid plans

August 7th, 2011 at 05:39 pm

Last week was crap. I had myself geared up for hubby telling MIL we're moving out, I was thinking I'd start getting rid of junk in my old room, tidy here etc. It never happened. Hubby's family dog died on Thursday. He'd been ill for months. So, hubby decided to postpone telling her.

I think he's close to changing his mind. If we do stay here he will have to talk to her about his money and the fact that we're going to manage his money for work each month. We've already bought juice for him to take to work (30 pack of cola for 7) I'm hoping that we will move but we'll see.

Some news...

August 3rd, 2011 at 07:41 pm

I probably shouldn't be writing about this since we haven't spoken to the people involved yet. However, I mentioned it to a couple of people at work so there's no harm writing about it. Basically we might be moving to my mum's house for a few months until we find a place.

It's hubby's idea. He spoke to me at work on Sunday, then again after work when I picked him up. They argued - again - before he came to work. He wanted to move to my mum's this Friday and tell his mum that night. I persuaded him otherwise thinking that telling her the same day they've argued, she'll put it down to that, plus he'd been working all day, I didn't want them to argue after he had finished work too. Financially, we've already paid our money for the month and, from what I can gather, most - if not all - of it has been spent already.

I was at my mum's and I jokingly mentioned it to her. She was all for it. However, I didn't have a proper conversation about it yet cause nothing's finalised.

DH is going to tell his mum on Saturday. I would love us to go to my mum's, so I hope it happens. I can't see MIL being happy about it but that's not our problem.