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March 31st, 2011 at 09:16 am

We came home on Tuesday night, it was great to get away. I have to admit I enjoyed it, if only it was permanent. It's not all good news though, a few days into our trip we started spending money for food, not a lot, but some. This money wasn't for our holiday, it was for my bills which are due out within the next few days. Today I have to go to the bank and take money out of savings to replace it. We spent 100. This included travelling too. We had plenty of Pot Noodles but a few days in we were getting bored, next time we're bringing different pasta dishes with us. We came back with four Pot Noodles so hubby is going to take them to work.

I got my credit card bill before we left. I took a good look at it when I woke up this morning. It's at 2k now! I have to get that balance down.

We discussed using savings to pay off debt while we were away. Hubby thinks I should use my savings to make a dent in the credit card; I'm against it. I told him I will feel bad enough taking money out to replace the money we used. However, I can see his point though. I know that if we don't have debt or have less debt we can put more into savings. But I do feel better adding to savings. Maybe if I had a few grand saved, or even 1000 it wouldn't bother me, but it does. We need savings to get out of here.

Helping out

March 16th, 2011 at 08:29 pm

I may have to withdraw some money from savings. I spoke to my mum yesterday and she asked if she could borrow money. The reason she's asking is because she owes the phone company 172, and she doesn't have it. When I told her I'd have to take it out of savings she told me not to do that, however, I will to help her. I asked her how much money she actually had and she didn't know. Tomorrow we're going to check her balance and see what she's got. My mum's hoping to pay the majority of it, with me just helping out a little. It's due in seven days - well, less now.

In other news, we will have very little to spend on our trip next week. I think I may only have about 20 spare this month. DH has more leftover than me. However, he needs to keep money in his account for a few things that are still left to pay. He knows we're not going to spend a lot, we're going to see his family and get away from here. The only place I really see us spending money on is transport. Hubby was talking about taking his cousins to the pub but we'll see. Basically I'm going on this trip with the intention of spending as little as possible. Hopefully his family are in walking distance.


March 12th, 2011 at 09:12 am

Yesterday was payday. After paying bills I added 45 to savings.

I managed to only spend 10 at the pub last night.

I woke up to see snow this morning. I think there's about 2 inches of it. I hope it doesn't get as heavy as the last time it was here, I'd like to try driving in it this time.

Unplanned expenses & getting organised

March 6th, 2011 at 07:44 pm

This weekend two friends got in touch with me and hubby. Both of them want to meet up. We're meeting hubby's friend tonight at the pub for a few (soft) drinks. On Friday we're meeting my friend at the pub too. I'm expecting Friday to cost more since we're both going to have a few drinks, not a lot though. I haven't seen her since last year. I explained to my friend that we're going away in a few weeks so will need money for that.

Hubby bought some food for our trip during the week. We now have plenty of Pot Noodles, macaroni, pasta and instant mashed potato to last us a week. When we got to the checkout I explained to the woman that we're really not that unhealthy; we're just stocking up for going away. When we came home, we found some individual portions of cereal in our cupboard - a Variety Pack - so we're going to take them aswell. Next on the list is toiletries although we won't be taking a lot. We'll be buying them on Friday.

I packed everything at work today. I have plenty of snacks to last me for a few weeks so I should manage to avoid spending at work.