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Snowflakes, party and other stuff

February 28th, 2013 at 10:40 am

It's almost March and I haven't found any snowflakes yet. I have decided that whenever I save money shopping - either from my colleague discount or coupons - I will add that to my credit cards. Not too sure whether to start with the card with the highest balance or the one with the highest interest rate. What do you guys think?

I bought invites, thank you cards and bags for SG's party. Invites and cards were 1 each for a pack of 6. I need to buy more thank you cards in. Bags were 55p each, bought two lots. I've also bought baby fruit bars and milk buttons. Wrote invites out this morning, will send them later today. I already have a pack of stamps so don't need to buy more.

I checked my email yesterday and there was an email from chef Nick Nairn about food waste. There was a link to one of his recipes to prevent food waste. Here it is:

Not too sure if the link will work but it's called Monday Malay Curry.

Meal Planning and other stuff

February 23rd, 2013 at 08:36 pm

This week we will have, in no particular order,:

- chilli con carne with rice
- salmon with potatoes and veg
- macaroni
- leftovers for me when hubby is at work

Bus pass has not shown up so we are going to buy a weekly pass next week.

We went to a First Birthday party today. SG got a nice toy in her party bag. It's got me thinking what to include in our party bags when SG turns one next month.

What a day...

February 22nd, 2013 at 08:59 pm

Today was one of those days. Electricians were working in our building so the electricity was turned off from 8.30am until 3pm. Luckily I went to a mother and baby group with SG in the morning so that passed some time.

Later, hubby phoned me to tell me he had lost our four-weekly bus ticket on the bus. I phoned the bus company then emailed them later on too. It's unlikely we will get it back. There was two weeks left on it so anyone finding it will get two weeks free travel. I can't see anyone handing it in.

Phone calls

February 15th, 2013 at 01:41 pm

I phoned CC2 about the letter I received a few weeks ago. According to the letter, my interest rate was going to increase in April if I didn't get in touch. I didn't know my current interest rate, I found out it's 22.95% and they were going to increase it to 24.95% Well I told him to cancel the card and I'll keep my current interest rate. He did offer to leave the account open but I said no.

Phoned AA today to cancel my breakdown cover.

It's almost lunchtime, hubby at work so I'll be having leftovers.

Good things come to those who wait...

February 13th, 2013 at 09:13 pm

I just checked my email. Nothing exciting. There was an email from Play saying that my order was on its way. I opened it, thinking I never ordered anything - and also haven't budgeted for it. Well, it is season 2 of White Collar which I pre-ordered about 2 years ago. They kept pushing the release date back, then back again, then again. I gave up and eventually stopped writing it as one of my future expenses because I thought it was never going to be released here in the UK. Part of me is pleased, the other part is kicking myself.

In other news, when I finished work today I spent about 1.40 on reduced meals which I put in the freezer for when I'm too tired/lazy to cook. We'll be having one of them tomorrow.

Payday - and buyer's remorse

February 9th, 2013 at 02:16 pm

Yesterday was payday. I paid the bills and finally made a payment to the fridge freezer (only 20 so will need to pay more)

Well I bought a Dominos pizza for us. I'm still feeling bad about it as I eat the leftover pizza for lunch. The money would have been better off elsewhere but I was feeling tired and lazy so I ordered one.


February 7th, 2013 at 07:27 am

It's been a few weeks since my last update. I'm on holiday from work just now so I'm trying to be as productive as possible.

First things first, my car is gone. I got 120 for it. It was the best price I could find for a twelve year old car. The money will be used to buy a four-weekly bus ticket, and the rest will be put towards SG's first birthday.

I phoned my insurance company to cancel. There's a charge of almost fifty pounds for cancelling. Next I will phone and cancel my breakdown cover. I should have done it yesterday but I spent so long on the phone to the insurance company that I didn't want to.

Last week I got a letter from CC2. They are increasing my APR. I'm going to phone and tell them not to bother. I don't use the card anyway. By refusing the increased rate, I'm agreeing not to use the card but continue to pay back the amount owed. Not a problem.