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Silly mistake

December 25th, 2011 at 06:46 am

It's Christmas morning here, and I'm the only one awake. I decided to check my updated catalogue statement to see what my minimum payment is after ordering my mum a new washing machine this month (old one broke). I was expecting an increased payment of maybe 22-25, not the same as my payment this month: 67. Eek! My minimum payment is now something like 119 compared to 70 which is what I paid this month.

Hmm.. didn't make sense until I viewed my transaction history. I thought I'd ticked the box to pay it up over 52 weeks (interest free). Nope, I'd ticked the 20 week box instead.

It'll be ok, I'm just stressing.

Hope everyone has a nice Christmas when it comes Smile

Money Out

December 17th, 2011 at 09:19 pm

It feels as though more money has been going out than coming in recently. I had to take money out of savings to pay my road tax. My plan of saving up for it failed miserably so I will reinstate it next year. More money will come out of savings when we buy the pram from our friends, but that will be after Christmas. (I don't grudge that though)

Christmas dinner is costing me and hubby 30 each. We are both paying for my mum, who has no idea that any money will be exchanged. I wouldn't mind if we were going to a nice restaurant but we're not. We're going to in-laws. In my last post I thought my mum was only being charged 10 but I got it wrong, it's 20 for her too. Hubby said there will be cocktails. That'll be nice for the people that can drink them.

My credit card took a hit last week. My mum's tv broke so I bought another one for her - with my credit card. She has given me half of the money already.

I haven't added to the EF yet.

I need to post a few Christmas presents this week, and buy a card for hubby and my mum. Apart from that, I'm done. It definetly helped saving up for Christmas. We've already agreed that we will be doing the same next year.

First of December, xmas dinner...

December 1st, 2011 at 09:54 am

It's the first of December already, I can't believe it. I will be helping my mum put up the tree later, and then I will be wrapping some presents.

As far as my yearly goals are concerned, I didn't do well. Hopefully next year will be better as far as completing goals. I need to start thinking of my 2012 goals soon.

I don't know if I've mentioned this in here yet but the three of us have been invited to MIL's for xmas dinner. It was her turn this year. Months ago MIL was talking about booking a place but now it looks as though we'll be going to hers. Fine. Well, husband mentioned to me the other day "remember we need to put money aside for the meal" Meal? We never booked anything. No but we've to give MIL money towards xmas meal. 20 each for us, 10 for my mum. We'll pay my mum's since I don't want to have to tell her. So that's 50 from us she will be getting - money that's better off elsewhere in my opinion.

I don't understand to be honest. I might be naive but I thought that when you invite people over for dinner, you don't make them pay. Bring drinks/desert yes but paying? Am I just wrong? The three of us could have a meal here for less than 50 I think. Apparently MIL keeps saying to hubby how she can't afford this, can't afford that. The usual.

I can only think of one goal for this month so far, and that's to add to my emergency fund.