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Oh dear

April 29th, 2010 at 02:51 pm

Got my new credit card the other day - or should I say we got our new credit card? Hubby is the additional cardholder. He went shopping and managed to spend quite a bit, and he withdrew 10 from the ATM. I didn't find out until that night (I was working). I told him that withdrawing money from a cash machine with your credit card is a big NO! Never do it. I told him it affects your credit rating (which I'm sure I read somewhere that it does). He had me really stressed out. I told him we will clear the balance during the interest free period so I am hoping that it will be ok. It was his first time using a credit card so it could have been worse.

I keep on saying this but I am going to apply for tax credits soon. We will save the money since it's money we wouldn't have had anyway.

Eight days till payday. I think I will just make it with the skin of my teeth.

Plan for next month:

-sort out tax credits
-money aside for road tax
- get overtime

There's probably more things I need to do but I'll leave it at that for now.

Good mail day

April 24th, 2010 at 04:02 pm

I got mail today, well it was yesterday, it got sent to my mum's house and I got it today. Anyway, it was a good letter, saying that we had to fill in a form and let them know if we were still interested in the shared equity scheme that we applied for last year (the funds fell through last year, I got a letter about it the day before the wedding) I'm going to fill in the form today and post it (I also need to let them know my new contact details). I really hope that we have some luck.

Oh, the shared equity scheme helps first-time buyers. However, since we are not renting from the council already or a landlord we aren't in a priority group. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this works out for us.

got some overtime

April 22nd, 2010 at 12:53 pm

I worked an extra shift today, it was only 5 hours. Hubby started earlier too. This will count towards next month's pay, which is two weeks away. I'm hoping May will be a good month for me, I will finally have paid back MIL. My catalogue bill is going down too. The only thing that's taking ages is saving but I'm sure I'll get there.

No other news to report really. Cancelled life insurance appointment today.

Life Insurance

April 17th, 2010 at 10:02 am

We have an appointment at the bank next week to discuss life insurance. I was at the bank yesterday for my annual review and she asked me if me and hubby would like an appointment. I don't like to think about either one of us dying but I guess you have to talk about it and get something sorted.

I'm getting another credit card. The bank offered me it. It's a lower APR than Capital One and they're giving me 0% interest for 9 months. I'm going to transfer the balance on Capital One to the new card. It's a low balance, just my first month's car insurance.

No other news to report, still in the same position money wise as last time.

Have a good day!

Financial update

April 15th, 2010 at 03:50 pm

I've been slacking off... meant to update when I got paid but decided not to. The reason being is that I don't have any good news to report.

Got paid on Friday. Went out for a meal for my friend's birthday. Me and Hubby both spent all of the money we had with us. Not good - I wanted to come back with some money.

On Friday Hubby had a funeral to go to. We went to his gran's grave after the funeral. We didn't find out until the day before the funeral when it was so that was more unplanned spending.

Saturday we got invited to the pub at the last minute. More spending. We enjoyed ourselves though.

I checked my bank balance and after my direct debits come out I will only have 9 left. Nine pounds! It's crazy, I worked overtime last month (only two shifts but still) There's money in the bank just, it's just allocated for other things.

The only good news I have to report is that I added to my Christmas savings and I only have 70 left to pay back MIL and then that's her out of the way. That won't be until next month though.

Hope everyone's having a good day! I'm off to read your blogs now.

Day off

April 8th, 2010 at 07:46 am

It's my day off today, so I am going to try and get a lot done. It's not even 9am and I have already registered my Shell reward card online so I can get points when I fill up. When I've got enough points I will get money off vouchers which I can use towards fuel.

I need to phone my mobile phone company and cancel web browsing pack. The last time I tried I couldn't get through.

I'm not up to much today so it should be a NSD. Will be taking Hubby to work later then getting him tonight.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Lazy day

April 5th, 2010 at 05:11 pm

I found out last week that they didn't need me in work today so I was looking forward to having today off, especially since a few weeks ago I thought I would be working on Easter Monday. I get paid normal time for being off anyway, if I had went to work I would have gotten time and a half so I'm not really missing out.

While DH was sleeping this morning I was looking at my budget. I typed in everything I spend into a sheet on a website and apparently I am leaving myself with 66 spare, roughly, each month. I'm not too sure exactly how accurate this is.

I hate that I'm not getting very far with my savings. 4% progress is so depressing. Once I have paid back MIL I will have that money to use towards savings but that won't be until next month; road tax is due at the end of June.

I haven't used the car today or spent anything so overall it has been a good day.

Till Debt Do Us Part

April 3rd, 2010 at 07:41 pm

I'd never heard of this show until I read about it in Retire@50's blog. I googled it a few minutes ago. I'm going to have a really good read at what they say, and the advice they give. As far as I know the UK doesn't have a show like this. I don't know if it will teach me anything I don't already know from being a member of SA and reading all of your blogs but I'll take a look and see. So, thank you Retire@50 for mentioning it in your blog. I look forward to reading how you're getting on Smile

Update on 2010 Goals

April 3rd, 2010 at 03:54 pm

I've noticed everyone is adding updates since the first quarter of the year is over. Here's mine:

*Get a used car - got one

*Emergency fund is sitting at a measly 20. Goal is 500. I've got a lot to do towards this.

*Pay back MIL - this will be done by May

*Clear washing machine debt - have been paying back every month but it's not clear

*Clear catalogue - have been paying more than the minimum but it's not cleared.

All in all, I'm not doing well. I will try harder this quarter.

Day off today

April 1st, 2010 at 12:51 pm

I took Hubby to work and I'm picking him up tonight.

I really should be catching up with my ironing and housework but thought I would read some blogs first.

I'm going to my Mum's for dinner later.

My new driving licence came today. Smile I should have updated it a while ago so I'm glad it's here, no more worrying.

There's a pile of washing waiting to be put on, I really should go and do it, I'm just in a lazy mood.

No financial news to report. Today would have been a No Spend Day but I think I'll get some petrol tonight when I pick Hubby up.


April 1st, 2010 at 10:15 am

Just checked bank balance and car payment is out and I have 25.00 left. I can pay my Christmas savings and get some petrol if need be.