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Lazy day

April 5th, 2010 at 10:11 am

I found out last week that they didn't need me in work today so I was looking forward to having today off, especially since a few weeks ago I thought I would be working on Easter Monday. I get paid normal time for being off anyway, if I had went to work I would have gotten time and a half so I'm not really missing out.

While DH was sleeping this morning I was looking at my budget. I typed in everything I spend into a sheet on a website and apparently I am leaving myself with 66 spare, roughly, each month. I'm not too sure exactly how accurate this is.

I hate that I'm not getting very far with my savings. 4% progress is so depressing. Once I have paid back MIL I will have that money to use towards savings but that won't be until next month; road tax is due at the end of June.

I haven't used the car today or spent anything so overall it has been a good day.

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