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This & That

March 20th, 2014 at 10:09 am

It's been a while since I posted. I started back at work yesterday. I thought it was meant to be Tuesday but there was a mix up so it was yesterday. I've been moved department and my days have changed. This department is easier physically but there's a lot to learn. I still had holidays to take so I'm off for a week now. These new hours mean that MIL will no longer have to look after SG on a Sunday, although we haven't told her yet. Also, we will only be off one day together instead of two. Lastly, I'll be home an hour later in the evenings.. so we will have easy meals those nights.

SG's little gathering went well. The person I was worried about showing up actually couldn't make it in the end because her little boy was ill. I made enough food for everyone that was there, and I still have plenty left over to bake another cake soon.

SG got birthday money from hubby's grandpa and dad. He doesn't talk to his dad - hasn't in years - so it was a big surprise. The money's going into SG's savings (well her piggy bank just now until we open an account)

I ordered hubby a very early birthday present from my catalogue, so I'm paying that up now. I'll get him a little thing on his actual birthday. We discussed it and decided that it would be better to add it to my bill now rather than later when I'm on maternity leave.

My cousin gave us lots of clothes for the baby. She has a little boy, although some of them were neutral. If we end up having a girl I will give them to my friend who is expecting a boy a few weeks after I'm due the baby.

I'm going to try and start the housing fund soon so that we can get some flooring in the kitchen soon. This was another thing that we discussed.

I've almost earned enough SB to claim an Amazon GC.

I think that's all for now.

Spending Update

March 13th, 2014 at 05:37 pm

I spent 16.xx at Tesco on party food, although this did include a jar of coffee (2.50 store brand) and a box of decaf tea bags which were also store brand and under two pounds. I bought a six pack of bubbles for 1.50 to put into the party bags.

Hubby commented when I came home that this has turned into a party. It's true, it has; a last minute party which is really badly organised. Next year I will budget money for SG's party - or birthday event - because we will probably do something. I was organised for her gift (although we're still waiting on a sale item arriving, so that'll be a few days late) just not this.

I was going to make potato salad for the buffet until I realised that I don;t have all of the ingredients, not even spring onion. Oh well.

On a totally different subject, this morning I checked my mum's online bank account (I'm allowed to, I set it up, she doesn't have a computer) to see that she hadn't left enough money in for one of her bills, so I transferred the difference, £12 out of savings. I then phoned her and explained what I had to do. She said she completely forgot that this payment was due out this week. I used that opportunity to say why this was a good reason to have savings (says me, with hardly any)otherwise she would have been charged by her bank for an unauthorised overdraft (5/day) Needless to say, she said keep on saving.

You will NOT panic buy

March 13th, 2014 at 08:51 am

Last night, just as I was heading to bed, I got a message from one of my friends that I had invited to SG's little gathering. She's coming with her little boy. I immediately started to look at kids party snacks online again and decided that I need to get a few party bags since there's an extra child. If everyone shows up, there will be five kids and six adults. Hubby commented that we need more adult snacks for the parents so when he comes home from work I'm going to Tesco to get some more snacks, and party bags. I'm annoyed at myself for not planning this better because I would have bought the stuff in ages ago!

I'm going to write a list soon and aim to spend as little as possible. Wish me luck.

Spending and other stuff

March 11th, 2014 at 08:28 am

I asked hubby to pick up some decorations for SG's birthday yesterday. He spent twenty pounds, I'm sure I told him I only wanted to spend ten max so he is paying half. We've got a lot of balloons but SG loves so I guess it's worth it, we've not spent much on her actual presents.

Hubby has the day off for SG's birthday so we've invited a few toddlers over,we'll have family over the day before. I'm going to buy some snacks at Aldi tomorrow but not too much. I might just make some jam sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and buy some cocktail sausages, fruit and crisps.

I went to the doctor's yesterday. I should be back at work next week. Then I'll be counting down until I finish up for maternity leave.

My cousin text me yesterday asking if we could buy clothes instead of chocolate for her boys at Easter. Last year I went to Tesco and spent £30 on two outfits for them, and I used my credit card. This year they will get small gifts.

Speaking of gifts, there's a few that I need to buy this week. They're all for two year old boys.

Today's Spending

March 8th, 2014 at 02:18 pm

I blew just over half of our grocery budget today:

- 38.99 at the butcher's
- 2.23 for bread and lettuce

Total: 41.22

Ten pounds was also added to my EF today, this is my automatic deposit that goes in every four weeks. That brings my new total to 85.00.

Payday Post

March 7th, 2014 at 12:48 pm

Today is payday. This is what I've paid so far:

- Littlewoods 138.32
- Vertbaudet 12.00
- BoS 80
- Capital One 90
-Christmas savings 40
- bus ticket 73.20

Total: 433.52

I wanted to pay 100 to Capital One (cc1) but hubby's pay was less than we thought it would be. Also, due to this, I'm only budgeting 80 for shopping rather than 140.

Daily Life

March 4th, 2014 at 08:15 pm

I must have baby brain. My urologist phoned today to see how I was getting on, and to check if I have picked up my antibiotics. I told her I had forgotten. Then someone else phoned from the hospital to confirm that I've got a UTI. I don't know how I forgot. I was too tired to pick up my prescription today - I had two naps then woke up tired. Crazy.

My mum came over for lunch. While she was here I reminded her that it's a new month so she needs to make a payment to her debt (I do it online for her, it takes less than a minute) She complained that her cable bill was due, she would see how much she had etc. This company are letting her pay it back interest-free. I mean, really? I told her I would check her balance - yep she had enough for both. She was surprised when I made both payments within two minutes. She got her money today too, actually she didn't know it was in. I'll wait a few weeks before transferring to her online savings. Since agreeing to save in Oct/Nov I have barely mentioned it to her since I know she will think of an excuse not to do it. I just look forward to the day - well, you know what I mean - when something breaks "order me a new x from your catalogue" and I can say "your savings will cover it"

Speaking of savings, mine finally updated. The building society was having technical problems.

Next thing to update: CC1.


March 3rd, 2014 at 03:10 pm

Instead of ordering food shopping online, I went to Aldi today. I spent £29 and that included a silverside beef joint which is cooking in the slow cooker just now. It also included a bag of frozen prawns that I bought so I could attempt to make fried rice.

Hubby's friend gave us the money back yesterday. We need to get gas and electricity later so we will just use that money.

I noticed that I set up my 1/wk to begin on Saturday there, instead of this Saturday. My savings balance hasn't updated yet but the money's out of my account. It's only a pound but I'm wondering where it went? I'll check again tomorrow.

Today was the day that minimum payment for Capital One was due. I'll check in a few days to see if my statement has updated. I love seeing the balance going down.