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May 29th, 2016 at 08:48 am

I was feeling upbeat until I checked my credit card statement this morning: I got a late payment fee! I can't believe I let this happen! Apparently it only takes that to ruin my mood. I'm getting over it now.

I paid both of hubby's catalogues yesterday. Minimum payments are about 160.xx now in total. I also paid 30 to one of hubby's buy now pay later items. I'll be so happy the day that I can stop using that phrase.

I took SG shopping for a princess outfit for the birthday party that's coming up. While there I also bought her a few other things. Next on the list is a little present for the birthday girl. I'm thinking crafts,something small.

I've increased my weekly savings deposits. I owe money to my emergency fund so this will help to pay it back.

I tried to add money to my Christmas savings card but the till wouldn't accept the transaction; if this happens again I'll just put the cash aside.

This & That

May 23rd, 2016 at 07:56 am

Last night I noticed on Facebook that my cousin was bragging about how much she had saved on her shopping. She uses coupons and shopping apps, it looks as though she spends a lot of time printing off coupons. It inspired me to install new apps. Any money I make from them will go towards debt. Who knows how long it will take though.

I'm considering transferring my ISA to get a better interest rate.

I want to aim to get two items that hubby got from the catalogue last month - before the loan, without telling me - paid off by December. Think they're about 240. Works out at about 30/month. I think it's manageable.

I need to start putting more money aside for Christmas. Right now we're only saving ten pounds each pay.

It's payday on Friday.

J turns two next month. I bought him a new waistcoat to wear from a friend's small business, I just need to get a shirt and trousers for him. Other than that, he will be getting a small gift and I'll bake a cake.

It's Sunday

May 15th, 2016 at 07:58 am

I'm in the middle of making a meal plan and writing a shopping list. It's a weekly habit. I need to transfer money to hubby's account until I get my replacement card. Unfortunately, my bank is updating its systems right now so I can't do it yet.

I've enjoyed this pay period, actually having some money spare. But I don't want to get laxadasical. I want to get out of debt. I need to replace money I've used from savings this year. Lucky Robin's post reminded me that I need to have a moving fund if we do end up moving. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed buying things that we needed. In fact, I still need to get armbands for the kids so we can go swimming - once j is better, that is. And hubby wants his friends to meet J soon so that will involve some spending no doubt.

Things are feeling pretty good right now. Life at home is good, I'm not stressing as much although we have a lot of decluttering to do if we are moving. I have a really great friend. All I need to do is come up with a plan to be debt free in ideally three years. Then this means we can travel more and do things.

Now, what will I blog about when I'm finally debt free? That is the million dollar question.

This & That

May 12th, 2016 at 06:28 am

The first loan payment came out. Only 35 more to go.

I've been updating my budgeting app more regularly. We're pretty close to our grocery budget so I might be a bit over since there's two weeks to go. I'll do my best to use what we have first, although it's really meat that will take up a lot of the budget.

It's J's birthday next month. It will be low-key,a few gifts and cake.

SG's has a nursery trip coming up next week. She's also been invited to a fifth birthday party. She's friends with the little girl and it falls on my day off, so we will be going to this party.

There was fraudulent activity on my bank account, so I'm waiting on a replacement card.

Hello May

May 2nd, 2016 at 08:02 am

I can't believe it's May already. This year is flying in.

I'm behind updating my budgeting app from my last pay period. I spent some time adding some transactions this morning. I'm determined to keep better track of it this time round.

My loan payments start this month. I'm looking forward to getting it paid off.

I've been meal planning consistently and it's paying off. There's definitely been less waste and less impulse buys when I'm shopping.

This week's meal plan:

- spicy tomato gnocchi with garlic bread
- sausage hotpot with broccoli (leftovers for lunch today)
-chicken filled with soft cheese wrapped in bacon
-chicken with tomatoes and pesto
-a cheap meal (baked potatoes with beans/cheese)

There's half a jar of pesto in the fridge that needs using up. I only need to buy a couple of things to make the pesto chicken. I was going to make burgers but I'd have to buy more in so they can wait.