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January 25th, 2014 at 10:31 am

I really didn't want to update until I had some good financial news to report. Since this isn't looking possible until March, I can't wait that long to update so here I am.

My statutory sick pay didn't go through in this pay. I spoke to personnel who said that I handed my sick line in after the cut off date. They said it will be in my next pay, which is thirteen days away. Since there was no sick pay in my wage, I only got paid for the 42 hours that I worked before I was sick. Also, hubby's pay was just as bad as mine because of his sick days.

I borrowed some money from my mum to pay a week of rent. I hated asking her and we are still going to be two weeks behind if I've worked it out properly. We've applied for a benefit to help us. Hubby is going to hand in the forms on Monday because they're closed today. He took it over yesterday but forgot to bring ID so they wouldn't accept it.

My statement for CC2 just came through today. I noticed that it's not due until 17 Feb so I will pay that in a few weeks.

I went to my doctor's and got another sick line for four weeks. I am still feeling tired and sore after daily tasks and I told her this. My work had made an appointment with occupational health which happened to be the day my new line started so I went to the appointment. According to OH, I was fit for work. He never listened when I told him I didn't feel ready, was still tired etc. He was really rude. His final words to me were "You're done" and I got up and left.

We owe MIL £16.22 because she picked up some things for us at Aldi's a few weeks ago. She asked hubby for it back but he told her she would have to wait until we have a proper wage.

I need to phone my health plan again. They were supposed to send me a form so I can claim for my nights in hospital but they haven't done it yet.

I can only think of one positive financial news during this whole time: I never cancelled my 10/four-weekly automatic deposit to savings. In times of need before it used to be the first thing to go. If I had kept it up we might not be in this situation.

Some financial news

January 6th, 2014 at 10:42 am

I've been checking CC1 for a few days, waiting for it to update. Well it updated today. My minimum payment last month was £66.xx, this month it is £44.90. Just goes to show how much the payment protection insurance was costing me. Well, I couldn't bring myself to pay the minimum to it so I paid £50.00. Normally I pay £90 but I just don't have the money just now.

Still Recovering

January 3rd, 2014 at 08:59 pm

It's been one week since my last entry. I ended up spending the night in hospital on 30/12. I was home early evening the next day. This time it wasn't as serious though. For those of you who have ever been unlucky enough to have a catheter, I still have mine. This happened before with SG only not so early on in the pregnancy.

When I came home, I felt better so I tried to help hubby with little household tasks like tidying up the livingroom. It was too much for me and I was in pain the rest of the night. My biggest accomplishment so far has been getting my own juice and snack from the kitchen (hubby was putting SG down for her nap)

The doctor gave me a sick line for four weeks off work, so I'm one week into that. I also have a week unpaid before I had the sick line. Also, hubby has phoned in sick too to help me. I think I will be off for more than four weeks though.

For the first time in over a year, I will only be paying the minimum to credit cards. I hate to do this but it's only short term.

We still have high street vouchers left that we saved for Christmas. They can be used in a store, Iceland, that offers free delivery when you spend £25 or more. Hubby will go there soon and that should last us a few weeks and fill up our freezer.

Hubby has been doing everything. I've been offering advice about cooking on the sidelines, I had to because he made his first roast dinner. Other than that, I spend my days on the couch or napping in bed. I only just checked Swagbucks today but I didn't have the energy to try to reach the goal.

I have not even thought about my goals for this year. Although, right now, my goal is just to get through January and February. I thought Oct 2013 was tough, I know this will be worse.