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Starting to get organised

April 24th, 2014 at 08:16 am

For baby number two, that is. I spent £45 online because there was a baby event. This wasn't budgeted for. Now that it's here though I'm pleased I've started.

Hubby got SG's old clothes out from the back of our biggest cupboard. I picked out all of the neutral bodysuits and sleepsuits, and some of the girly ones too just in case. My cousin gave us boys clothes so I will sort that out too. It seems like I only need to buy some more hats, scratch mitts and socks for this baby. I do feel like I should have a few new outfits on hand though since SG got everything new - it's only fair, isn't it? Or is this just what happens with a second child?

Hubby wants to use the pram that we had for SG but I hate it because it's so heavy and awkward. Also it doesn't fold down. I was looking at prams in the catalogue, they're so expensive. Whatever happens it will be a pain because we're in a first floor flat.

My mum came over yesterday. I had to borrow some money from her for bus fares and food shopping, which I hate doing. If I hadn't bought that stuff I wouldn't have needed to borrow money. Whilst here, my mum was asking what baby stuff we need so I gave her a list of basic baby essentials to pick from e.g. nappies (can never have too many) and hats and mitts.

Time to myself

April 18th, 2014 at 01:31 pm

So hubby is working late tonight. It will be his final late shift before he moves department and changes to permanent dayshift. I'm still sore when I pick up SG and put her down for a nap, so hubby wanted MIL to take her. I grudgingly agreed. It's such a nice day here I feel like I should be doing something with her, not spending the day alone. However, hubby is more concerned with me getting plenty of rest and recovering. SG will be back tomorrow morning. There's an easter fayre at the local community centre which I want to go to, so we will be doing that.

For the rest of the day my plans are simple: do nothing. I did some dishes earlier and put on a washing so that#s enough. I've had lunch so I'll go for a nap soon then get a snack when i wake up. Maybe watch some more of The Good Wife on Netflix, which I only discovered last month.

No financial news to report (except hubby overspending when I ask him to pick a few things up)

A Little Update

April 17th, 2014 at 09:28 am

Hubby is at work, so it's just me and SG. I was inspired to attempt a little decluttering today. I managed to get rid of some rubbish and some washing that had been lying about in the livingroom. However, there's still some mess as SG was right behind me. I need to get hubby to take down the birthday banners which are still up (he said it wasn't a priority to take them down while I was in hospital, and has been ignoring them since I came out) I would do it but it involves more stretching than I want to do.

I redeemed my amazon gift card today. We will be using it to buy baby stuff since we have basically bought nothing for this baby. Ten weeks to go now so I'm going to work out what we need to get. We're also going to visit the local nearly new baby and kids shop.

I've been craving a subway for the past few days. My appetite is slowly coming back.

I had a meeting at work. My sick line runs out at the start of May. I'm hoping to be back at work then *fingers crossed* then work until the end of May to finish up for maternity leave.

I noticed my savings have hit triple figures now.


April 8th, 2014 at 09:56 am

Thank you for all of your kind wishes on my last post.

Hubby has a meeting with a manager at work today. He's had to take SG with him since I can't pick her up or put her down for a nap. When he spoke to them on the phone, they weren't being supportive about him having to take time off. Fingers crossed it goes ok.

The hospital gave me a sick line for one week. I'd expected to get a four week sick line like the last time, especially since I went through so much more than before. Going to get another one from the doctors this week. Ideally, I would like to be off for a few more weeks then go back to work for a few weeks to finish up for maternity leave. I haven't spoken to anyone at work yet about when I want to start my maternity leave.

Hubby was fantastic when I was in hospital, asking me what bills were due out (of my account) etc. He used quite a bit of money travelling through to see me but I was pleased when he told me I still had some money left.

Back to just above minimum payments on credit cards, same as before. I really really want to pay 100 to cc1 like last pay but it's not feasible when you take into consideration that both of our wages will be worse soon and the fact that hubby's pay was not good from taking time off. I can make up for it soon. It's annoying; CC1 is so close to being under a thousand pounds if I made a big payment...

I noticed that I've earned enough SBs to claim the Amazon gift card. I haven't redeemed it yet.

I'm 29 weeks pregnant now, baby is due 23rd June.

Can't think of a title

April 5th, 2014 at 12:59 pm

My head is all over the place. In my last entry I wrote about SG's birthday, maybe? I was all ready to start back at work that week.

Went to work. You're being moved department. Okay. Go to new department who didn't even know I was being transferred. Old manager said cause it's for light duties. New department begin training me on the Wednesday after SG's birthday. You still have holidays to take. Ok I'll take from this Saturday onwards - see you at the end of March.

Eh no.

Hubby went to work next day, everything ok. Had lunch. Then had cramps, sickness etc. Couldn't keep anything down. Hubby phoned doctor. Spoke to doctor, said I can't walk to the health centre. He came here and gave me some medicine which done nothing.

Up all night being ill. Hubby phoned MIL at 6am the next morning to take me to A & E. Assumed it was just an infection like my birthday and would be home later.

No they wanted to do surgery. Again. Another laparotomy. Risk of premature labour they told me, needed hubby's consent. Doctor phoned hubby. Do surgery.

Surgery done. It was an internal hernia and my bowels this time. Fed through a tube for ten days, then only allowed to sip fluids. Baby ok, scan confirmed.

Had to stay in surgery ward, maternity couldn't take me cos of all the tubes. Constant attention from obstetrician and midwives.

Home after thirteen days. They gave me all my notes, which said that baby would be unlikely to survive. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Glad to be home.