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The search has began

February 6th, 2007 at 01:50 pm

My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary this month. We have finally started to take a proper look at houses, since we're planning on moving out at some point this year. We found a website which lets us look at different houses, all we have to do is include what we want in the search criteria. I was very impressed. I thought we would just be looking through newspapers. So, what do we want?

- A two-bedroom house
- I don't want to live in a flat
- gas central heating
- parking space (I'm hoping to pass my driving test this year)

The average rent for a 2 bedroom house seems to be 500, which I cannot afford right now as I am still waiting on starting this other job. I've done a lot of phoning but still I haven't started, they need to find something for me. I'm waiting on a local primary school getting in touch. (I could have started at another place last week but I was doing overtime at the supermarket, we had a visit.)

We are hoping to move out later on in the year i.e. August/September, just to give us a chance to put some money aside.

A lot of spending this month

February 1st, 2007 at 12:57 pm

This month I am spending a lot, but I'm hoping to save some money too. This month I am spending money on:

meeting my friend for dinner today
anniversary meal with my boyfriend
driving lessons
night out for my birthday

The friend I am meeting today is going to Australia for a year in a couple of months, so I don't mind spending money for that. I haven't seen her since October.

I don't need to go out for my birthday or anniversary but I want too.