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Some Spending

August 29th, 2016 at 09:16 am

I need to reign in my spending. Friday was a high-spend day for us. We took the kids to get new shoes (44.85) then we went for lunch (17.17). We actually went to the same pub restaurant that I met VS in a few months ago - well, the one in my hometown. While there, we found out its closing down within the next couple of weeks. After lunch, we went to asda where I spent 10.58 on some packed lunch stuff and some food.

I'm going to introduce more meat-free days. I got a burrito while out for lunch. I let SG try it and she loved it. I told hubby I'll be making it soon. I also still need to try the lentil bolognaise recipe from Eat Well For Less.

Catalogue debt is now under 2k: 1972.66. So, not my much, but it's something. It's just my credit card debt, and the loan, obviously, that's much higher.

The plan for the next few weeks: using what we have and shopping the value range.

This and That

August 24th, 2016 at 04:40 pm

I'm on my phone, so excuse the typos.

I picked SG up from nursery today and she told me that her feet were hurting her. After I dropped her off at home, I went to tesco to pick up an emergency pair of trainers for her. I found a pair half a size bigger than she was wearing, on sale for two pound.

I've been using the Notes app on my iPhone to keep track of spending. It seems to be working.

I finally added another ten pound to my Asda Christmas savings card. This should cover the cost of what we spend at the butchers in December - hopefully.

It turns out that my mum actually didn't have a stroke, at least according to her specialist. She is getting an mri soon to confirm or find out more.

Spoke to a random guy at work today. His partner works in the same place as me too. He was telling me that every two years they take their entire blended family to Florida, costing them 9k. He suggested I do this in the future with the kids (we were talking about holidays) I said that we'll take the kids to England first since they've been nowhere.

I think that's all.

Almost payday

August 18th, 2016 at 08:44 am

I made a mistake last month which I'm paying for this month. I had to withdraw money from savings to help our current financial situation. Sigh.

I definitely want us to get away next year, although now hubby is wanting to visit his friend. We've all never been there, so it'll be good to go. I think I'm in a rut.

I've started to think about Christmas. SG mentioned a couple of things so I'll search online to find the best price. Adding to my asda savings card hasn't really worked, although there is still time. I'll probably get a lot of there books/games from the nearly new shop in town. I also might book an official Santa visit for the kids with breakfast, we'll see. Working Saturdays doesn't help since most things are on a Saturday. Again, it's a work in progress.

Pre-ordered a book for hubby's birthday from the kids, and I'm going to treat myself to one too. The money won't come out until my September pay.


August 12th, 2016 at 01:00 pm

One of those weeks when I complain about something petty - work - then something serious happens and throws me off. The serious thing was that my mum ended up in hospital, they think she had a mini stroke. My uncle was there with her when it happened and he stayed with her at the hospital. I was on the phone to him loads while she was in hospital. She got out that night and I went to visit her the next day. It was a stressful night.

In other news, my loan is now under 7k.

Hubby upgraded his phone, the payments are the same as before.

One week till payday.

Financial update

August 8th, 2016 at 02:29 pm

I just paid 25 to my Tesco credit card.

I transferred money to hubby's account because his phone bill is due out in a few days and he was short.

Husband hasn't switched banks yet. There's a problem so he's phoning the new bank tomorrow, as per instructions from current bank account.

I've been buying in frozen mince instead of fresh. I'll use it for tacos this week.

I worked extra today, then I spent 12.51 on food shopping afterwards. SG wanted macaroni so I bought in ingredients for that. Kids will have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

EF update etc

August 5th, 2016 at 09:15 am


Holiday Fund remains the same: 40.00

New Balance: 194.11

Things are a bit tight this month. Hubby and I are making sure to use up everything we have. It'll be cheap meals until payday in a couple of weeks.

My cousin is hoping to get married this year, so I'll need to budget for that. The kids aren't in the wedding but I'll still need to make sure that they look good. I don't even know how much kids formal outfits are so I'll need to research that.

Loan payment is due out next week. I'm so excited for it to be under 7k.

I still keep getting letters from the catalogue company, so my account must not be closed.

How is it August already??

August 1st, 2016 at 07:59 am

I'm not impressed. This year is going in far too quickly.

Things are going ok here. I sold one of J's old playmats for 17gbp.i had given up on it ever selling, but I bumped the post up yesterday and somebody commented and picked it up the same day.

We're meeting my cousin and her kids at soft play later. It will be 9gbp entry total for the kids. I'll be packing lunch.

Catalogue debt is now sitting at 2177.66. Next month it'll be under 2k. Progress. Also, my loan will be under 7k next week.

I seen my mum this week. I think she has abandoned her idea of saving up now that I'm not involved. I'm leaving her to do it.