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Financial update

August 8th, 2016 at 07:29 am

I just paid 25 to my Tesco credit card.

I transferred money to hubby's account because his phone bill is due out in a few days and he was short.

Husband hasn't switched banks yet. There's a problem so he's phoning the new bank tomorrow, as per instructions from current bank account.

I've been buying in frozen mince instead of fresh. I'll use it for tacos this week.

I worked extra today, then I spent 12.51 on food shopping afterwards. SG wanted macaroni so I bought in ingredients for that. Kids will have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

1 Responses to “Financial update ”

  1. laura Says:

    Sounds good!! I'm making mac and cheese for the boys today. Hopefully the batch will get us through a few days. Sports practices start today, so I say HELLO to a whacked schedule for awhile!

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