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Shopping, car fund, EF

August 10th, 2011 at 11:29 am

After work I went shopping for a birthday present for my friend's little boy. I budgeted 15, spent 7.44, I just need to post it now.

I added 7.60 to my emergency fund and 10 to my car fund.

I'm going to phone my credit card company tomorrow and cancel the repayment cover. They charge me almost 20 each month. I never would have took it out normally, just when the woman in the bank was telling me about it, I thought I should get it. Well, I can do without it now.

The minimum payment for my catalogue has decreased by 20 but my CC1 min payment has increased. That's because of last month's shopping for hubby's gran's funeral. I was expecting an increase.

My goal is just to get though this month. It's not been the best month so far. If I have money in the bank before payday that will be good.

1 Responses to “Shopping, car fund, EF”

  1. TarWalker Says:

    Good job at adding little bits all the time to your EF and car fund! That's awesome. And it looks like you're awfully close to your CC2 goal. :-)

    I hope August doesn't stay this way all month long. Perhaps the second half will go more smoothly. :-)

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