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Christmas 2010 update, musings

November 21st, 2010 at 08:08 pm

Got 20 GC from work today. Spent it on cousin's birthday present (11.25), hubby's socks (4.50)and BIL's dvd (8.10) Total: 23.85 so had to put 3.85 to it.

Still waiting on xmas vouchers. Next year I think I'll save half with MIL and half with a woman at work. Me and hubby were talking about it today. I'm not sure if I'll even manage to spend them all when I finally get them cos I seem to be doing ok so far xmas shopping, I haven't got that much to get. I don't think so anyway.

I have overspent on hubby's xmas presents. We agreed a maximum of 50 and I've spent 70.47 (i'll need to double check this) 50 budget didn't include a dvd that he picked but I'm still well over.

That reminds me, I need to work out the rest of my outgoings for the next four weeks...

I'm working six extra hours this week. Hubby was surprised that I'm working extra. My money seems to disappear - mostly towards debt (car payments, credit cards, catalogue) so I need to get extra to try and clear it. And save too. I wish I was putting more to savings than debt, rather than the other way. In fact it'd be nice not to have any debt.

I found out that the Post Office now has a budget card. Once you have the card you can add money to it to save towards a specific bill. I think I will get one and use it to save towards my road tax next year.

I'm going to have to think of goals for next year. I'd love for us to move out, it feels like it'll never happen.

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