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March 21st, 2006 at 09:22 am

I checked the building society's website today and I filled in a form so that they can send me some information about the account. The money will be saved for 3 years and then I can decide whether to put it into an instant access account or take it out. I'm hoping to start this is June when the holiday's paid, maybe before then if I manage to pay it sooner - fingers crossed.

Trying to work out expenses for April, I'll write it in here as soon as I do.

Ordered two items from the catalogue, they were on sale, so that will go towards the bills next month.

long-term savings

March 21st, 2006 at 04:43 am

I was hoping to have a couple of No Spend Days this week but it looks as though it isn't going to happen. Today I have to buy some food at the shop for my mum after uni, hopefully it won't be too much. I'll also have to buy a Mother's Day gift and card too. I seen a pair of shoes for my holiday which I'm also planning on buying - they might not be there next month.

I have decided that once the holiday is paid for (June) I am going to open another savings account. The one I have just now is instant access so this one will be long-term and hopefully I'll have to give notice to take money out. I seen one advertised, I think the AER is 4.25% or something like that. Anyway the building society isn't in my town which means that even if i did want to touch the money, I won't be able to because it isn't nearby and it will be a pain to travel there. I am thinking about probably saving 15-20 per month, so that I won't really notice it from my wages. It won't be much but it will do until I get a better job.

Speaking of jobs, I was going to do overtime tomorrow but I'm not going to. I am already working ten hours extra this week and eight hours extra next week.

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