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Back to uni now

February 6th, 2006 at 04:06 am

It is my first day back at university now so I will need to consider bus fares etc when considering how much money I will need for the week. Right now I am planning to save money by taking my own lunch with me, it's amazing how much I spend here, and it's all mostly on stuff that I don't need (magazines etc).

I have found out that our holiday needs to be paid for by June. I am doing extra hours this week to put towards it. I want to start paying it now for two reasons: I can't afford to pay the full amount in one go and I feel as though I am actually accomplishing something if I pay it monthly. I don't need to worry about buying a passport, thankfully, as mine doesn't expire until about 2013. The resort is all-inclusive so I will only need some spending money. It's so long away but I just want to try and be organised.

It was our anniversary last week and my boyfriend bought me flowers and chocolates, even though we're both struggling with money at the moment. We've agreed that for Valentine's Day we will just get each other a card since it's the thought that counts. Also he has my birthday to worry about too. It's going to be a busy month.

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