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If only money grew on trees...

February 7th, 2006 at 06:15 am

Due to it being my first week back at uni, I have books and reading packs to buy. In addition to this I had to re-order prescriptions at the pharmacy so I need to pay for them.

There is a ball at the end of the year for everyone who is graduating. The tickets go on sale soon and i am considering whether to buy one or not. If I don't buy one I will save some money and it can go towards my holiday. If I do then I'll be skint till next payday, which is only in a couple of weeks but I have to pay some bills and the tv licence is due too. I should have been organised last year and put money aside for it but I wasn't so I will just have to suffer the consequences. The price is meant to be increasing next year.

I have just been moaning so far and I haven't actually mentioned anything good so far. Today I only bought one packet of crisps at uni so that was good, tomorrow im working overtime. I just get so stressed out.

Oh well, maybe next month will be better, assuming I learn how to budget properly and tell my mum that I need her help sometimes (she doesnt work due to illness). She relies on me a lot for electricity money, bus fare etc and I don't let her know when I'm struggling but she has to realise that I can't afford to pay for everything at once.

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