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Graduation ball

February 9th, 2006 at 06:18 am

My exam results are due soon, so it was for that reason that I was considering not going to the graduation ball in July. After all, there's no point going if I'm going to graduate later than everyone else. However I've decided that I might as well go, I have spent 4 years at uni so I think I deserve it. I've phoned the hotel so I know how much it will cost to stay there for a night so I'm prepared. I don't need to pay for the hotel until July, and my boyfriend is going to pay for half of the bill anyway so it should be okay.

On a completely different subject, my driving lesson was cancelled so I'm going to keep that money for my double lesson next week.

I've decided to sell some of my books on Amazon. I don't use them anymore so I might as well make some money from them. Any money I make I'll just put towards my holiday.

I worked an extra shift yesterday, and I went in earlier so I should notice when I get paid next week.

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