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Thanks for everyone's suggestions

February 14th, 2006 at 03:26 am

I made soup last night, so we're having lentil soup tonight for dinner. I think I will also make carrot soup this week.

For my birthday night out, I got 40 which I'm putting towards my holiday. Also I took 20 with me which I didn't spend so that is going towards it too. When I get paid I will put 200 towards it which will take the total amount to 260. It would be nice to do that every month.

I paid for my graduation tickets yesterday so they're out of the way.Hopefully I can find a nice dress to wear for it now. Hopefully I will get money off staying at the hotel because i'll be at a function there (fingers crossed).

I just found out that we will have to pay the full price for the hotel. At least we've got till July.

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