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I managed to save some money

February 25th, 2006 at 03:47 pm

I looked at my spending plans for the week and I spent less than I had planned and I started work 2 hours earlier today. First of all I didn't buy a day ticket a couple of days ago, and we got a lift home that night so that saved me 1.40. Also I brought my own lunch with me. Yesterday I brought my own lunch with me, walked to work and got a lift home. So I think in total I saved about 3.70 plus money I would have spent on lunch which is usually about 2.00 or more. I've been putting change into a jar. I'm going to try and not look at it till near the end of March when I'll have more. Now I'm wondering, if I do happen to save a decent amount, should I put it towards my holiday or towards bills? I have to pay 600 more to the holiday by June.

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