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Unwelcome visitor

April 3rd, 2006 at 03:34 am

I'm an only child (well not if you include my two half-sisters and my half brother) so having people, or another person stay at my house is unusual. Firstly because it hardly ever happens and because it was really only my younger cousin who stayed over on the weekend when I was younger. Anyway on Saturday night - actually it was 2am on Sunday morning - my younger cousin (not the one that used to stay all the time) showed up at my house. My mum answered the door. As it turned out he said that he couldn't get into his house, and that all of his windows had been broken. He also said he was no longer talking to my uncle's ex-girlfriend (they split up years ago). By the time I woke up on Sunday he was gone, only for him to show up again on Sunday night. He left early this morning, about 7am and said he would be back this afternoon to let my mum know how is his dad is (he's in jail). The thing is that we already know how my uncle is because we've been writing to him since December, in fact we got a letter from him last week. So there's no need for him to come back. This morning he told my mum that he is now talking to my uncle's ex yet I heard him call her a b***h...sounds like he's lying to me.

Now my cousin is three years younger than me, he has a job - but he's claiming benefit too, he told my mum. He is capable of looking after himself he's just too lazy too. My mum washed the clothes that he had been wearing all week - yes the same clothes. He's been having showers at his friends houses so maybe he should stay there. He keeps on telling my mum different things - first he's not talking to my uncle's ex, then he is, then he's meeting up with her to see the housing officer today. I don't know what he's playing at but he's definetly lying to us. He better not try and stay here all week.

There's also something else that he told my mum: he wants to go to England to live beside my auntie like my other cousin done. I know that she won't want him there since it's just not practical for him to be there when my uncle gets out this year.

If he tries to stay any longer he can stop drinking all of his money away and give some to my mum - apparently he's been spending all of his wages on drink, which is probably the truth. I'll see what happens tonight.

1 Responses to “Unwelcome visitor”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Family issues can be hard, but hang in there. Stand strong.

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