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I almost forgot

April 20th, 2006 at 07:02 am

Sales at work have been quite bad recently - well the store seems to think so. From now on, there has to be no unauthorised shifts done by colleagues. My manager doesn't even have an overtime sheet up for next week. I have been relying on overtime to pay for my holiday. Apparently the GSM will authorise any overtime. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining because I have studying to do, but I still have money to pay towards the holiday. I'm trying to think about what I should do if it gets really bad and there isn't any overtime up for a while. Try and do overtime in another department? Ask to come in earlier than my starting times? I really don't know. One thing's for sure, I'll write down everything I need to pay for and work out what I have left from it. I have until June to pay the holiday so hopefully I will work something out.

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