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A boring day, but at least I got paid for it

June 19th, 2006 at 02:58 pm

I did some overtime today, it was only a 6 hour shift. The store was reasonably quiet, and we were only really struggling when other members of staff were on their breaks. I like quiet days, it feels like it's easy money.

Speaking of money, I usually buy Cosmopolitan every month. This month it only cost 2 and I got a free beach bag with it, which I will be taking on holiday with me.

I've saved a total of 2.50 over the past two days. It isn't a lot but it's been added to my challenge.

New total: 33.10 + 2.50 = 35.60

I think this month has quite a lot of expenses but I'll notice it more in July when I graduate (hopefully). Worst case scenario: I have re-sits and i graduate in November but I will still have the Graduation Ball.

I've put my name down for one extra shift during the week of the Graduation Ball. It's an early shift so if I'm not completely organised I can always go shopping afterwards.

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