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Why does everything happen at the same time?

June 21st, 2006 at 02:48 pm

I sent an application form to Volunteer Scotland and they got in touch with me today. I'm hoping to get a placement there so I can get some experience so I can get a better job.

A few days ago I emailed one of my mum's friends to see if there were any job vacancies at her work. She replied today and said there were two; she gave me their number. I might just get an application form and see.

I think this is too much because I should be focusing more on graduation since I haven't got everything ready for it e.g. shoes, bag, additional tickets (if I pass). I really shouldn't be applying for jobs when I don't know my results.

Ideally I would like to try the job where my mum's friend works (21 hours),volunteer for one day and still keep my part-time job (15 hours). I'd still have driving lessons to fit in too. My mum thinks it would be too much; my OH doesn't even know about this one yet. There's no way I can do everything, but I could try. I might just fill out the application form even though I said I would wait till September before applying for a job. I might not even get it.

2 Responses to “Why does everything happen at the same time?”

  1. sakigt Says:

    I would go interview, at least. It will provide invaluable experience...

    Plus if they REALLY want you, let them know you are unavailable until you graduate...officially Smile

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    Apply for everything! Good experience and you might just get a job you didn't know about. If you have to turn it down, do it nicely so you can reapply if necessary later.

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