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Next month

March 29th, 2010 at 04:57 pm

Next month is going to be busy. It's my friend's birthday and my mum's. Luckily I already have part of my mum's present in. We're going out for a meal for both of these birthdays. I'm going to take the car to both so that should save us some money. My cousin is also due her baby. I already have a card in from us so just need to get a present.

By May I will have paid MIL the money i owe her, thankfully. I hate owing money. That money can then go towards my credit card which needs cleared and savings.

Going to apply for tax credits for me and hubby next month. This should help Hubby pay back his debt and me save. I don't know how much we will get but anything will help.

Today has been a No Spend Day Smile

2 Responses to “Next month”

  1. Lillie Says:

    Only yesterday I counted the number of birthdays that I have in April: two children, my daughter-in-law, two girlfriends and a niece. And they all will be anticipating a gift. Maybe next year I'll prepare better, or at least that is my goal since I plan to start a birthday savings fund after this month. I will only have two birthdays in May. What a relief! Oops! I forgot about Mother's Day!

  2. scottish girl Says:

    That's a lot. September is actually my really busy month plus this year we will have our first wedding anniversary too so it should be good as long as we have the savings Smile

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