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Spending today

May 9th, 2010 at 11:16 am

I spent 7.70 in total today. I put 2 on my card at work and then spent 5.70 after work in Asda. I bought a tub to put cereal in to take to work, cereal bars for work, two packs of snack pack biscuits (4 in each pack) which I will take to work. I heard today that they're raising the prices in the colleague canteen so I'm going to take my own breakfast from now on (usually I buy from the canteen). I always take my own lunch. I also bought a new tub of cream since the one I'm using now is almost done.

Returned the top today, exchanged it for a pair of trousers. The cashier gave me 1 back so that was good.

Seen a few tops I could get my cousin for her birthday so will probably pick them up soon.

I sponsored a woman I work with 5 for the Race For Life. I'll need to give that to her tomorrow.

1 Responses to “Spending today”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Good for you... even when we are watching spending it is good to remember those less fortunate, and your sponsorship of Race for Life leads me to the conclusion that your heart and head are in the right place. There is never any insurance that we might not end up in a situation that could benefit from these kinds of programs.

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