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Lunch challenge & Frugal Fast Update

June 13th, 2010 at 09:37 pm

I didn't forget about the Frugal Fast. I didn't spend anything today. I picked up DH's glasses from the opticians today after work. On the way there I spotted bags of chocolate but I resisted. I already know that you shouldn't shop while you're hungry - although I was just going to collect DH's glasses.

For the lunch challenge I packed 100%. Breakfast was the usual - cereal, plus I had a banana and a cup of water. Lunch - ham and cheese sandwich, yoghurt, apple, bottle of water, Snack - packet of mini crackers and a cup of water. I've got three more shifts to work this week.

I noticed some cheap DVD's last week, some of them were only 3. They can wait, I don't need them.

I've started reading the final Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn.

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