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Quiet weekend

July 3rd, 2010 at 03:47 am

It will be a relatively quiet weekend. Went to the cinema with MIL last night. Spent 4.75. MIL paid for the tickets (it's my turn next time)

It was payday yesterday. I paid my catalogue bill online and transferred money to MIL.

I try and use the envelope system for some things. Every four weeks I put money into an envelope towards my road tax, one for Christmas savings and one for if I have bought anything from the Avon catalogue (but that's just to make sure I don't spend the money) I tried using it for petrol but I usually just end up using my bank card or the cash I have on hand.

I seen a few things yesterday that I would like to buy friends and family. However, I didn't buy anything. I've got a few more things to pay this month, and I need to put money into savings.

I'm going to start putting money on an Asda (Walmart) Christmas savings card. It will mean I have a bit extra to spend on Christmas. I will start this month.

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